Need an ISIS hoodie? The world’s most notorious terrorist group has a gift shop.

Need an ISIS hoodie? The world’s most notorious terrorist

Clothing targeting young men has come to be a central component of the group’s branding. By most accounts, the production and design inspiration of ISIS clothing stems from East Asia.

The World Against ISIS – Kindle edition by John Sackelmore

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10 Of The Most Notorious Terrorist Organizations In The World

ISIS is a terrorist organization that has perhaps been the most active one on this list in recent weeks. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and is one of the youngest groups on this list, having been formed only in 2004.

Dress like a jihadist: Isis and terror-related merchandise

Another image shared online shows ISIS promotional clothing sold openly on hangers in a shop, apparently in Turkey’s capital Istanbul 8/9 Inside the Isis ‘gift shop’ Cynical: the collection also

Inside the jihadi gift shop: ISIS-branded hoodies and T

Still, tracking down the owner of a shop selling branded merchandise celebrating the world’s most currently infamous terrorist group proved to be a particularly tall order.

The World Against ISIS: John Sackelmore: 9781502781871

ISIS is a jihadist group that has made some of its enemies in Iraq and Syria to merge to fight against them. The establishment of this group made rebels and militia groups like the Shia group of Iraq, the Sunnis, Kurds, Quds Force, Iraqi community groups, Turkmen, Yazidis, …

Author: John Sackelmore

The World’s Deadliest Terrorist Group Isn’t ISIS: It’s

In 2014, the group perpetrated half of the world’s 20 most fatal terrorist attacks. The study’s authors write that there are significant differences between terrorism in Nigeria and terrorism

Isis Hoodies and T-Shirts For Sale Online As Islamist

Now supporters can show their loyalty to the group by sporting a T-shirt or hoodie emblazoned with the group’s black and white jihadist logo, after the items went on sale on Facebook.

Iraq Crisis: How ISIS became the richest terror group in

The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has seemingly come out of nowhere to become the wealthiest terrorist organization in the world, surpassing long-active organizations such as al Qaeda

How Government Created the Three Worst Terror Groups in

The most notorious Islamic terrorist organization, ISIS, began to emerge in the aftermath of the U.S. government’s intervention in Iraq (with origins that trace back even to Cold War days), and rose to conquest out of the chaos of the Syrian civil war, which the U.S. fomented. In pursuing weapons of mass destruction that turned out to be non

Brussels attacks – ISIS attacks: A timeline of terror

In recent years, attacks inspired and executed by ISIS have become all too common, constituting some of the world’s deadliest massacres.

Founded: Sep 18, 1927

ISIS’s 10 Most Extreme Acts of Terror | The Fiscal Times

Nearly two years ago an extreme offshoot of al-Qaeda proclaimed itself a caliphate in the Middle East. Today ISIS has been condemned worldwide for its commission of brutal crimes against humanity

Ten Things You Need to Know About ISIS – Aleteia

ISIS consists of Sunni extremists, recruited from all over the Arab-speaking world and perhaps beyond. Its origins are connected with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a notorious terrorist born in Jordan.

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