The Sharingan Devil Chapter 100: Challenge To Arms, a naruto fanfic

The Sharingan Devil Chapter 100: Challenge To Arms, a

Naruto was fighting as bravely as he could, for he knew what was at stake and the entire world’s fate depended upon how he acted. In his long existence, Kurama had never seen a man like this. Kaiser Naruto, was nothing less than Kaiser Naruto himself no matter the circumstances.

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Naruto slowly felt himself surrounded in a swirl of leaves and after a moment he was faced with the worst nightmare of his life. He was standing in a clearing field where a fierce battle was going on between many shinobi and a giant nine tailed fox. Naruto had many nightmares of this fox since his early childhood and had always been terrified of it.

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A starving Naruto steals a strange fruit and eats it. Kyuubi takes an interest and trains him to use it. How will the Elemental Nations be the same when Naruto has the power of Logia Devil Fruit? Strong!Naruto. Terrible at summaries. Titles too, actually.

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Physical Speed: Extreme SuperhumanHaku was fast enough to block Rock Lee, as a slightly weakened Zombie without the mirrors, and blitz Sasuke with his Sharingan. Naruto was able to utterly outmatch Haku in speed, and even blitz Sasuke when he had a more matured Sharingan until it …

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«Sounds like a challenge.» Zabuza laughed. Soon, Sasuke was trapped in a cave of mirrors. As Zabuza and Kakashi began fighting, Usagi continued to build up her chakra. As kunai flung around, hitting Sasuke, Usagi made her move. Quickly jumping into the mirror cave, she waved her arms, releasing all the chakra she’d built up so far.

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This chapter is dedicated to JAZZ_less for helping push the votes over the 100 Votes Mark and for also being my very first reader and sticking with me and my fanfic. Also, shout out to My Colab workers, itsyourgirlalpha and Prism_Moonlight , who have helped me plan future chapters. ^w^

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Naruto, for all his effort, was never the brightest student academically. There were a lot of things he just didn’t get , and among those was the idea that kekkei genkai were, well, LIMITED solely to people of specific bloodlines.

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The red arms retreated and Naruto sprung over the side, with fury in his eyes. He raced towards the stumbling boy trying to get back up and slammed his fist into the boy’s mask. It cracked under the intense weight, and Naruto smashed him into the ground.

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The Kumo Sharingan. Chapter 5: Without Shisui ***QUICK NOTE*** So I just wanted to clear up something that I noticed might be quite misleading. When I said in the description that it would be a bad Sakura, I did not mean evil.

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Sharingan. NOTE: At least one of these feats must be taken to have an active sharingan. If sharingan is active it costs 5 CP/round regardless of which aspect of the sharingan is in use.