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Oct 30, 2015 · Screams and cries of pain drowned out religious chants in Pakistan on Oct. 23 after a suicide bomber detonated his deadly payload in the middle of a procession of Shiites.

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Suicide bombing was a common tactic of Tamil Tigers. Ex-Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a Tamil suicide bomber in 1991. Latin America has long seen terrorism by …

Is Pakistan really sincere in eradicating terrorism within

Yes Pakistan is completely sincere in eradicating terrorism , and for the other part of your question “with in its borders” so answer is it has cleared almost all the terrorists within its borders but definitely it is not 100%. Because everybody knows it is easy to say that “kill all terrorists “ but hard to do.

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24 April – Three suicide bombings killed multiple policemen in Quetta. 26 April – Multiple people were killed by a hand grenade attack at a wedding in North Waziristan. 28 April – Two shopkeepers in the Hazara community were shot and killed in Quetta.

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The perpetrators were three families, with parents who brought along their young children in a string of suicide bombings. The involvement of innocent children in such a barbaric act has multiplied people’s natural anger and disgust toward terrorism.

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Whatever led to terrorism, the government of Pakistan finds itself ill-fated to improve law and order in the country. Pak Army has taken actions against terrorism through different operations like Zarb-e-Azab. But if we want to win the fight against terrorism then we should eradicate these causes also.

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Terrorism in Pakistan Full Essay: Terrorism is not just word but ideology that suffered this world a lot. There are many countries of the world that are facing this threat in their parts. Important thing is that all countries are trying to counter it but terrorism increased.

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SATP is the largest website on terrorism and low intensity warfare in South Asia,Provide data like Fatalities in Terrorist Violence in Pakistan 2003-2017, Terrorist Violence in Pakistan ,Violence in Pakistan in South Asia.

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The Social Psychology of Suicide Terrorism 19/10/2014 | by de la Corte Ibáñez, Luis Suicide attacks have become a modality of terrorism of increasing application among extremist groups.

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The suicide bomber has been identified as Ghayor Khan Chamkani after investigation. 2008 Parachinar bombing. In the Parachinar bombing of 16 February 2008, a suicide bomber in Parachinar, Pakistan killed 70 people and injured 110 attending a political rally for the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party.

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Suicide bomber attacks polio eradication center in Pakistan.

A suicide bombing killed at least 15 people outside a polio eradication center in Quetta, Pakistan, on Wednesday, detonating just as a police escort had arrived to accompany vaccination workers in