With Her Big Brother Return, Julie Chen Showed Support for Husband Les Moonves

With Her Big Brother Return, Julie Chen Showed Support for

With Her Big Brother Return, Julie Chen Showed Support for Husband Les Moonves The CBS host had an interesting choice of words as she signed off on Thursday night. by

Julie Chen Moonves Returns To ‘Big Brother’ With Support

Julie Chen sang the same tune on Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother. Upon her return to the reality competition, Chen greeted viewers saying “Good evening, I’m Julie Chen Moonves

How Julie Chen Showed Support For Husband Les Moonves On

Big Brother host Julie Chen is in a tricky situation at CBS due to current events surrounding husband Les Moonves. The former CBS boss was ousted from the network after sexual misconduct

Julie Chen Stands By Husband Les Moonves In ‘Big Brother

While she did not address the latest allegations against her husband, at the very end of the episode, she showed support for Moonves by signing off: “I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight.”

Julie Chen Supports Husband Les Moonves on Big Brother

Watch video · Julie Chen returned to CBS to host Big Brother on Wednesday night, and she sent a subtle — but pointed — message of solidarity to her husband, the network’s former CEO Leslie “Les” Moonves.

Julie Chen’s ‘Big Brother’ Return — How She Stood by Les

While Julie Chen hasn’t appeared on “The Talk” since her husband Leslie Moonves left CBS, she is back on “Big Brother.” On Thursday, Chen didn’t address her husband’s exit amid

Julie Chen returns to CBS’ ‘Big Brother’ with reference to

Sep 14, 2018 · Julie Chen made her return to TV on Thursday night, hosting «Big Brother» days after her husband Les Moonves was forced to resign as CEO …

Julie Chen stands by husband Les Moonves with Big Brother

Sep 13, 2018 · Watch video · In the wake of multiple sexual assault allegations against her husband Les Moonves, Julie Chen has stayed mostly quiet. After the first wave of accusations, Chen to took to Twitter on July 27 with

Julie Chen returns to TV, hosting ‘Big Brother’ after

Julie Chen has returned to TV to host «Big Brother,» just days after her husband, Les Moonves, resigned from CBS. In a clip posted by TMZ , Chen, 48, was all smiles as she opened the show …

Julie Chen signals support for husband Les Moonves in

Julie Chen, spouse of recently resigned CBS chief Les Moonves, indicated that she was standing by her husband at the close of Thursday night’s episode of «Big Brother.»

The good wife? Julie Chen supports hubby Les Moonves on

Julie Chen surprises «Big Brother» fans with an obvious show of support for her husband, Les Moonves Post to Facebook Julie Chen’s live sign-off on Thursday’s ‘Big Brother’: «This is Julie Chen

Julie Chen Supports Les Mooves: Watch Her Statement During

Julie Chen, 48, has remained radio silent about her husband Les Moonves stepping down as CBS’ chairman on Sept. 9 amid sexual harassment and workplace misconduct allegations. Until …

Julie Chen Quitting ‘The Talk’ in Wake of Les Moonves

Julie Chen‘s decision to sign off of last Thursday’s Big Brother with a not-so-subtle declaration of support for her disgraced husband Les Moonves is going to make it next to impossible for

‘I’m Julie Chen Moonves’: Les Moonves’ wife stands by him

Sep 14, 2018 · Chen, who has hosted «Big Brother» since the show debuted in 2000, does not appear to have ever called herself «Julie Chen Moonves,» despite having been …