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Canned Motor Advantages. Safety Meets Efficiency. The ever-increasing demand for environmental safety at a reasonable cost presents a unique challenge to the Process Industries: find and utilize equipment that, while operating leak-free, performs reliably and efficiently.

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The pump and motor are integrated in the sealed leak-proof structure of the centrifugal canned motor pump. The pump meets the specification of the API-685 standard. In use, the centrifugal canned motor pump implements flow rates up to 1,200 m³/h and works with pressures up to 40 bar (at 50 Hz).

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Canned motor pumps, therefore, are fully hermetic pump units. The pump section can be of single or multistage design. The pump impeller (or impellers on multistage pumps) is mounted at the overhung end of a shared pump-and-motor shaft.

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A motor enclosed within a casing along with the driven element (that is, a pump) so that the motor bearings are lubricated by the same liquid that is being pumped.

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Canned motor The canned motor is a special type of wet rotor motor in which the stator winding is protected from the fluid handled by a cylindrical, particularly thin tube (e.g. made from stainless steel or plastic) inserted in the machine’s «air gap» (in the gap between stator and rotor).

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Canned Motor Pump is a centrifugal pump with hermetically sealed electric motor mounted on single shaft thus eliminating the requirement of mechanical seal or other sealing device.

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The difference between a standard pump and a canned motor pump. Standard pumps are produced with the pump and motor located separately and, because they must be coupled for use, the liquid they handle can leak outside the pump from the gaps in the casing through which the rotating axis passes.

NIKKISO Non-Seal centrifugal canned motor pump | LEWA

centrifugal canned motor pump. The NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pump is an ideal solution for transfer and circulation tasks in the chemical industry. It can be used to pump hazardous, toxic and supercritical fluids.