Post Malone said he got his facial tattoos to piss his mam off … it’s The Dredge

Post Malone said he got his facial tattoos to piss his mam

Post Malone said he got his facial tattoos to piss his mam off it’s The Dredge Serving you up your daily dose of celebrity dirt.

Post Malone reveals he got his first tattoo to prove he

Revenge: Malone said Justin got his own back by knocking the scab off his tattoo In an interview with TMZ, Post talked candidly about his first face tattoo—’Stay Away’ just above his left eyebrow.

Post Malone’s Obsession for Ink and his Tattoo Collection

Skull Tattoo – Post Malone got a Stone cold skull tattoo with the Texas flag and a gold grill on his left inner forearm by Tattoo artist Yeyo Mondragon. Gadsden snake tattoo on left forearm Big Playboy bunny tattoo on the left forearm – Post Malone’s very first tattoo.

Post Malone Got Himself A Big Ol’ Face Tattoo That Says

And now he has a face tattoo that says ‘Stay Away’ so that gives you a little bit of insight to how Post is feeling these days. Tough times. No better way to express yourself than some ink to the face.

Post Malone Gets 2 New Face Tattoos | HipHopDX

Post Malone has added two more tattoos to his wide array of body ink: he’s tattooed the words “Always Tired” under his eyes.

Post Malone Got A New Face Tattoo That Says «Always Tired

Real talk, did Post Malone get that tattoo for the “BIG MOOD” quote RTs on Twitter and reposts on Instagram? That had to at least be a factor. Cause you’re gonna see sooooooooooooooooooooo many BIG MOOD quote RTs and Instagram reposts of that Post Malone tattoo. Despite it being a face tattoo, that is what I like to call Relatable Content.

Post Malone’s Up-To-Date Tattoo Collection! | Beat

1. Etching: So let’s start out with the Twitter video. On Malone’s recent trip to Tokyo, Japan, he got this etching on the side of his face, by the tattoo artist known as Ganji.

Rapper Post Malone reveals new ‘relatable’ face tattoo

POST Malone has revealed a new face tattoo saying he’s «always tired» under his eye sockets – and some people can’t believe how relatable it is.

Post Malone Shows Off His First Face Tattoo – VladTV

Post Malone showed off his new face tattoo this week. The rapper got some small ink underneath his right eye. He showed it off in a new video posted to Instagram.

Post Malone Gets Tattoos That Read ‘Always Tired’ Under

Watch video · Post Malone, né Austin Richard Post, 22, added the new ink to his extensive collection Wednesday night right smack in the center of his face.

Post Malone’s ‘Stay Away’ Face Tattoo Pissed Off Mom – Wat

Post Malone Sorry Mom, But I Love My Tattoo!!! 12/7/2017 7:14 AM PST EXCLUSIVE Post Malone better start warming up his chops to spit Eminem‘s line, “I’m sorry Momma! I never meant to hurt you!” … cause she’s PISSED.

The future has a face tattoo | The Outline

The future has a face tattoo. “I kind of just wanted to, I don’t know, piss my mom off.” The “White Iverson” scribe is part of a generation of rappers with visages that look like the doodles on the back of a middle schooler’s notebook. (After Peep’s death, Post Malone got a tattoo of his face…

Post Malone Apparently Has Another Face Tattoo – VladTV

In late September, Post Malone uploaded a video showing off his latest tattoo. The rapper got something small underneath his right eye, where most people would get their tattooed teardrops. It looks like the rapper put an upside-down music note in place of the tears.

Post Malone Gets ‘Always Tired’ Tattooed on His Face

Post Malone got some fresh new tattoos on his face. In an Instagram post, uploaded by photographer Adam Degross, Malone is seen with the word «Always» under his right eye.