DPS Meter of choice?

DPS Meter of choice? – World of Warcraft Forums

Sep 20, 2016 · Skada is more accurate as if your dead you are not doing dps, its also alot lighter than Recount and Details! although details is nice, if it wasn’t so bloated i’d likley change.

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Dec 15, 2017 · Greetings, so a simple thread here, what’s your current damage meter of choice and why? Personally I use skada because it seems to do everything I need a dmg meter to do and it’s also newer than recount.

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Dec 15, 2017 · Started out with DamageMeter in vanilla, eventually went to Recount and then Skada but, now Details. Details has some qwirks with it that I don’t care for but, to me it’s the better choice out of the current meters.

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Round 2 of the DPS SchoolChoice process closes Aug. 31 at midnight for all grades except ECE. Round 2 begins every year after families are notified of their Round 1 school placement.

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May 02, 2018 · DPS meter is a tool helping massively to learn and improve. It is showing if the player is casting skills timely and if the combination of skill used gives expected efficiency in term of damages. It becomes even more helpful if doing seriously WvW, Raids and Fractals.

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Jul 28, 2018 · The DPS Meter is an informational accessory purchased from the Traveling Merchant for 5 . It displays the DPS (or Damage Per Second) of your current weapon, and can still be functional just by sitting in your inventory .

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Skada is a modular damage meter with various viewing modes, segmented fights and customizable windows. It aims to be highly efficient with memory and CPU. Usage. When you first start using Skada, there will be a window created by default.

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Afaik this meter doesn’t show single target dps vs cleave dps tho? If so the most accurate way would be to have both arc and BGDM running at the same time. You get buff uptime, cleave dps, single target dps and an idea of how the group is doing as a whole.

DPS Meter of choice? – World of Warcraft Forums

Sep 20, 2016 · I use Details! because it properly reports Soul Effigy damage, whereas Recount didn’t (at least, when I switched from it a few weeks ago). Recount shows massively inflated, inaccurate numbers for Warlocks using Soul Effigy.

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Oct 13, 2017 · DPS meter policy needs to be revised. the best solution is to give the player who created the group the choice of sharing DPS info among the group, or not. Choice is made at group creation, and applies equally to the entire party. Therefore I agree that DPS meter has its uses and there are people who benefit from using it and I am not

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There would be a bit of an issue on a DPS meter though, as it would risk prejudice being forced on characters just entering endgame, thus influencing them to leave or turning them bitter, and eventually into worse revisions of the same people that give said prejudice.