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Tetris Level: Adulting. .. This is a life hack, his entire schedule will disappear. He doesn’t need to do anything now.

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To: Level 3. Subject: Level 3 Freezer. Hello, It’s you friendly neighbourhood level 3 fridge fairy here with a confession: Stories of my Tetris prowess have been vastly exaggerated. I know, I know, this might come as a shock to some, but it’s true. I’m not actually that good at Tetris. Fair to middling at best.

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There’s a special level of hell reserved for people who talk in theatres, and people who throw out ice cream. Don’t make me do it. Everything in the freezer is on the bench.

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Bullet journal adult Tetris #bulletjournaljunkies . Visit. Discover ideas about Bullet Journal Tracker Adulting journal page. Kimberly Watt. BuJo. What others are saying Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas To Take Your Bullet Journal To The Next Level.

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Funny pictures about Adulthood Tetris. Oh, and cool pics about Adulthood Tetris. Also, Adulthood Tetris photos. Find this Pin and more on Adulting. by Teri Shockey. Tetris: Adulthood Edition Not really, but kind of a funny thought.

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«To me, ‘adulting’ is all about taking ownership over our own lives and our own experiences,» lifestyle coach Beth Clayton says. In other words, if you need a day off, say so . 11.