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Dec 06, 2012 · The Crumbling Vault is a small dungeon that will trigger an event quest The Crumbling Vault. Upon entering, players will have a limited time to find the Vault Treasure Room. With the exception of returning through a town portal, The Crumbling Vault becomes inaccessible once the …

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Dec 06, 2012 · The Crumbling Vault is an event quest in Act II. It occurs within the Crumbling Vault dungeon, which has a chance to spawn in Stinging Winds . The event is triggered by interacting with the Treasure Hunter and entering the dungeon.

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The Crumbling Vault is a one-level dungeon that can be found in Stinging Winds in Act II of Diablo III. Entering it will begin the timed Crumbling Vault event.

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Jun 21, 2012 · The Crumbling Vault stands out as it has the quest giver standing outside its entrance (with a red marker). Talk to the «quest giver» who really just warns you that if you are trapped in the

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The Crumbling Vault Crumbling Vault location map A treasure hunter will stand outside the portal to the vault and give the hero a bit of exposition on its existence.

Are there any tricks to completing the Crumbling Vault?

Playing with a dex or strength focussed class makes a huge difference too. With a level 22 monk, I ran Crumbling Vault on my first try in under 2 minutes. I buffed dodge and ran like crazy, taking only 2 wrong turns along the way.

This is easily soloable although which class you play and your playstyle can affect your success. As you’ve probably figured out, killing things and fighting in general is the wrong approach. To complete the Crumbling Vault and any of the timed achievements, there are only a few things which can help you:
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Ok. This is my experience with it. I tried it the first time, hack ‘n slash my way through, but eventually die & timer runs out. That was with a wizard. Later on when playing my DH I found it again, and set up my skills so i Had vault, preparation and ss.1You probably just want to be able to bulldoze the majority of the enemies, as you can sometimes get snagged if you try to just bypass them all. Gear and levels can help.1If you need it for an achievement, there’s always the option to come back later with a stronger character (one that is already in Nightmare, for example), that can one-hit all the enemies in that dungeon.0

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Vault Treasure Room is a small dungeon only accessible after successfully completing the timed event Crumbling Vault in The Crumbling Vault in Act II of Diablo III. It will always contain at least two chests and one Resplendent Chest.

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(Some possible configurations for the The_Crumbling_Vault_(Zone)): Overall, it might not be the most efficient farming spot due to travel time, but it can be a fun challenge to overcome. And who knows, maybe if they bring back magic find for chests down the road it could make it worthwhile.

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Head north and round the next corner to enter the Guo-Lai Vault and the tile room. Note that the fire tiles are safe this time. Note that the fire tiles are safe this time. The deactivation orb varies in its placement; sometimes it’s in the center of the room.

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An ancient mogu artifact has been uncovered in the Guo-Lai Vault, beyond the Hall of Statues. We’ve made repeated attempts to retrieve it, but none have been successful. We cannot let this artifact fall into the hands of the Shao-Tien.

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Dec 30, 2013 · But the crumbling vault can spawn in 3 or maybe 4 spots. 2 for sure possible spots are in the first area below the Kassim Outpost waypoint. One of those is real close to waypoint the other one is little futhur down to the left.

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The Crumbling Depths [58.3, 25.9] is a deep cave system found within the Scoured Reach of Deepholm. It is occupied by a number of shale spiders and gyreworms. Inhabitants Quest givers Ricket (Dailies only) Mobs Gorged Gyreworm Colossal Gyreworm Amthea Deep Spider

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The Treasure Hunter can be found outside of the Crumbling Vault in the Stinging Winds. Speaking to him is the trigger to the Crumbling Vault event.

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Sep 07, 2015 · Simple demonstration showing how to perform the above mentioned quest. Quest ID: 30277 Alternative Names in different Languages: English: The Crumbling Hall