‘Heroes’ Boss Tim Kring Threatens New Seasons After ‘Reborn’

‘Heroes’ Boss Tim Kring Threatens New Seasons After ‘Reborn’

A few short weeks ago, the world gathered in celebration at NBC’s suggestion that Heroes Reborn might represent the franchise’s end, with no plans to continue any subsequent seasons.Now

Tim Kring on the Future of Heroes: “There Is More To Come

Tim Kring isn’t ready to throw in the Heroes towel. The series creator tells TV Insider that although Heroes Reborn won’t be back after this season, he still has eyes on revisiting the franchise

‘Heroes Reborn’ Cancelled: No Season 2 for Tim Kring Saga

Confirmed: Next week’s Heroes Reborn season finale will be a series finale. «As far as I know there are no more incarnations of Heroes coming,» NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt told

The Heroes Saga Might Not Be Done After All, Here’s What

In the end, Kring can say that Heroes Reborn is done, but we probably won’t know for a while if any new Heroes sagas will be coming to our screens at some point.

Heroes Reborn: Tim Kring Not Done with Heroes Yet

Last week, we reported that NBC has effectively cancelled Heroes Reborn after only one season. The series’ creator Tim Kring recently discussed the future of the Heroes franchise in an interview

Heroes Reborn EP Tim Kring Talks New Characters, More

Christina talks with Heroes Reborn executive producer Tim Kring about new characters, returning characters from Heroes, further seasons, and more.

Heroes Reborn season 2: What WOULD have happened

Today, September 25, marks the 10th anniversary of Heroes – and the actor behind Dr Mohinder Suresh has revealed what would’ve happened if Heroes Reborn had gone on to a second season.. Sendhil

‘Heroes Reborn’ Cancelled: NBC Boss Says No More

Related ‘Heroes Reborn’: Tim Kring Teases More to Come After NBC’s Fall Event Series. At the summer TCA press tour last year before “Reborn” debuted, Kring told the press “we’ve only

‘Heroes Reborn’ creator Tim Kring talks about ‘unfinished

«Heroes Reborn» executive producer Tim Kring, center, with actors, from left, Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi, Judi Shekoni, Kiki Sukezane, Ryan Guzman and Robbie Kay.

Heroes which was cancelled then «reborn» then canceled

Essentially, this means that the show can produce new seasons centering on new characters and new storylines, ala True Detective. This sort of anthology approach could mean that audiences may still get more Heroes in the future, just no more of the current Heroes Reborn story arc. Wow, that seems like a wild misinterpretation of «multi-platformed.»

‘Heroes Reborn’ Creator Tim Kring On Why Some Characters

Claire, however, is dead in the new series. Related‘Heroes Reborn’ Trailer: New Look At NBC’s Event Series Hits Comic Con. The old characters will be sprinkled every few episodes, per Kring. Dr.

Heroes Reborn Season 2 is — canceled – ReleaseDate.show

Executively produced by Tim Kring (Heroes’ creator) for NBC, Heroes Reborn follows the lives of ordinary people who discover that they have extraordinary abilities. Season 1 of the show premiered on NBC on September 24, 2015 and takes off about one year after the plot of the original series ended.