The Russian Military Is Getting New Assault Rifles

The Russian Military Is Getting New Assault Rifles

The Russian Military Is Getting New Assault Rifles. The AK-12 and AK-15 will replace older weapons in the Russian Armed Forces.

The Russian Military Is Getting New Assault Rifles

Soon, Russian troops will carry new assault rifles into battle. The AK-12 and AK-15, direct descendants of the world-famous AK-47, are set to replace existing rifles and modernize the Russian military’s arsenal.

Hey, Marines. Russian grunts get new assault rifles, too.

An AK-12 assault rifle on display at a Russian arms show. The rifle was selected by the Russian Defense Ministry to be fielded to the country’s ground, airborne and naval infantry forces this year.

Firepower: Russian Troops Get New Kalashnikov Assault

The advanced assault rifles are part of the Russian military’s “Ratnik” program, which is designed to create future infantry combat systems, including upgraded body armor, high-tech kevlar helmets with special eye monitor (thermal, night vision monocular, flashlight), and communication systems.

The Russian military’s new assault rifle has passed its

Jul 06, 2017 · The AK-12 assault rifle has passed military field tests and meets all of the Russian armed forces’ design and operational standards, gunmaker Kalashnikov Concern says, according to Jane’s 360.

Russia’s New Assault Rifle AK-12 |

Sorry no translation. The Kalashnikov AK-12 is the newest derivative of the Soviet/Russian AK-47 series of assault rifles and is proposed for general issue to Russia’s armed forces.

List of equipment of the Russian Ground Forces – Wikipedia

Assault rifle Soviet Union: Currently under modernization. 30-round magazine. AKS-74U carbine version in use with special forces. AK-74 rifle in service with Russian naval infantry. Supplemented in Russian Army by AK-74M. AK-74M: 5.45×39mm Assault rifle Russia: 30-round magazine. Main service rifle of Russian Ground Forces.

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Russians Getting a New Rifle: New Russian Military Assault

Russians Getting a New Rifle: New Russian Military Assault Rifle to Replace Aging Kalashnakov 7.62x39mm AK-47/AKM-type AK74M and 5.45x39mm AK-74-type AK-105 Assault Rifles by David Crane 2011-10-01 David Crane +

Russia To Adopt Brand New Kalashnikov Assault Rifle By End

But what the Ratnik program doesn’t have just yet is an assault rifle of choice, the modern update to the Russian military’s standard issue AK-74 that can match the U.S. Army’s standard

Russians Replace AK-74M With Redesigned Rifles

The Russian military is replacing their AK-74M assault rifles with the new AK-12 and AK-15 models. The Russians have wanted to update their assault rifles for a long time. It has not been a priority though since they had more AK-74s than they had soldiers.