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Getsu Fūma Den (translated as Legend of Getsu Fuma) is an Action RPG for the Famicom by Konami released in Japan in 1987.. In the first year of the Demon Age (14672), a horrible demon named Ryukotsuki was revived by his minions in hell. To protect the peace of the overworld, the two eldest Fūma brothers fought Ryukotsuki.

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Nov 23, 2012 · This game has overworld navigation, sidescrolling action for areas, and a first-person perspective exploration for dungeons. You also get powerful by defeating enemies (Sword gauge).

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Getsu Fūma Den (月風魔伝?, lit. «Legend of Getsu Fūma» or «The Legend of the Lunar Wind Demon») is an action role-playing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Konami, released in 1987.

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Feb 03, 2018 · Getsu Fuma», a medley of arranged music based Getsu Fūma Den. The track is listed under the genre GETSUFUMA-DEN. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair – A downloadable game in the Castlevania series

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Getsu Fūma Den is an action/adventure game by Konami heavily based on classic Japanese mythology. The game takes place in Feudal Japan and follows the story of Getsu Fūma, a demon-fighting samurai who journeys through hell to save the world.

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Getsu Fūma Den released in 1987 is a Hack and slash Beat em up game developed by Konami for the platforms Family Computer.

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Getsu Fūma Den (月風魔伝, lit. «The Legend of Getsu Fūma») is a side-scrolling action-adventure game for the Family Computer by Konami , released in 1987 available exclusively in Japan . While Getsu Fūma Den never had a sequel, it has been referenced in many subsequent Konami titles throughout the years.

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