Battle Rapper in a Boxing Robe: Ten Raps Touched by The Greatest

Battle Rapper in a Boxing Robe: Ten Raps Touched by The

Battle Rapper in a Boxing Robe: Ten Raps Touched by The Greatest The American boxer Cassius Clay arriving in London for a match with a British opponent, Henry Cooper.

Rappers React To Floyd Mayweather Stopping Conor McGregor

Aug 26, 2017 · As battle night moves close, a lot of rappers have just measured their alternatives and picked a champ. With 50 Cent being a long-lasting companion of Floyd, the Queens rapper …

White Kid Kills it in High School Rap Battle (Ashtin

Sep 04, 2015 · White rapper kills it in a High School Rap Battle. Think you can rap? Want to win a $200 dollar microphone, a feature, and get your video on my channel? Enter the #JerseyDevilCypher2 – …

Ghostface Killah Is My Favorite Rapper | Complex

My uncle was into Shotokan and boxing, Ghost is known for two techniques: undecipherable raps Imagine Ghost in a robe, coked up and paranoid while driving in the pouring rain to find his

Raps&Hustles » Ghostface Killah: Top 10 Softest Rappers In

hey your right its a new age of rap but its fucken wack, basicly when a new rapper comes out they improve of an original rapper and that just come out wrong. And the fans are still the stupid one cus they just listen to what ever is given to them on the radio. Thats why underground is still fresh.

China embraces hip-hop even a government censor can love

In China, hip-hop is enjoying a moment. The Chinese reality TV show «The Rap of China» — sort of a hip-hop version of «The Voice» — has amassed 2.7 billion online views since it premiered in

20 of the Best Hip-Hop Workout Songs – XXL

In 2016, staying fit and in shape isn’t only a part of the culture, it’s turned into a full-blown trend and has been beneficial for a slew of rappers, whether physically or monetarily.

Top 100 Pregame Pump-Up Songs of All Time | Bleacher

Why It’s Worthy: The anti-hero ball song, a track to unite a team before the battle begins.

Roy Jones Jr. – Wikipedia

After Mike MacCallum lost the World Boxing Council light heavyweight crown to Roy Jones in a 1996 unanimous decision, he called Jones «the greatest fighter of all time.». [ citation needed ] On August 19, 2015, Roy Jones met with Vladimir Putin in Sevastopol , Crimea , …

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The Greatest: Muhammad Ali’s Hip-Hop Legacy –

The grand cliché in sports is that the battle is truly with yourself. Boxers train by throwing punches at their own shadows. If you can catch yourself, you can catch anyone. Muhammad Ali was untouchable, and then he was consumed by Parkinson’s, slowed down, and left to be touched by everyone.

China embraces hip-hop even a government censor can love

The Chinese rapper Gai performs at a recent concert in Hangzhou. (Door & Key) Gai strutted onto the stage dressed in a traditional Taoist robe, his arms covered in tattoos, his hip retro glasses

The Fugees – 10 of the best | Music | The Guardian

Pras Michél, Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean of the Fugees/ Photograph: Tabatha Fireman/Redferns 1 Nappy Heads It took the erstwhile Tranzlator Crew two years to get their first album released.

80’s Hip Hop: Top 100 [Page 2] – Rate Your Music

He was the first rapper to appear on the cover of an album creating the first image of the rapper to the nation-wide public. His music is little diferent from the other early groups because he had a full funk band playing his music.

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Sex in Cinema: 1993 Greatest and Most Influential Erotic

Boxing Helena (1993) Director Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s (director David Lynch’s daughter) directorial debut film was an erotic, provocative and disturbing psychosexual work that was decried by feminists.