Urban Dictionary: Frank Ocean

Urban Dictionary: Frank Ocean

Stage name of song writer/singer Christopher Breaux. Very talented singer, and a member of the rap group OFWGKTA. His style is certainly different from his counterparts such as Tyler and Earl. He recently released his first mixtape nostalgia,ULTRA which received critical …

Urban Dictionary: frank ocean disease

When an artist (usually music) says that they’re about to release new content but never do.

Urban Dictionary: Frank

Frank (adjective): Honest or direct; Without euphemism. (noun): A man who possesses tremendous variety of obscure knowledge or skill but does not display them frequently, thereby continuously surprising even close friends with his abilities.

Urban Dictionary: #frank ocean

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Urban Dictionary: frank n beans

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Urban Dictionary: ocean

A boy’s name. Referring to the calmness of the ocean. Confident and proud, he is extremely lucky with many things, and he is often laid back. He also has great personality and passion of knowledge.

What does Ocean-dweller mean in Urban Dictionary?

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What does Frank mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does Frank mean in Urban Dictionary?: a particular guy that produces you feel butterflies in your heart as he looks inside eyes and tends to make your legs weak as he kisses you. One that allows…

Urban Dictionary: OFWGKTA

But, all of the members are agnostic/atheist, excluding Frank Ocean who is Christian. They dont believe in god or the devil, they just like to mock religion, celebirties, social norms, and public figures (ex; Slim Shady by Eminem).

Urban Dictionary

Golden Shower: To urinate on another human being for sexual gratification, usually by somebody who’s never heard the words «personal» and «hygiene» strung together in the same sentence.

Cole Cuchna’s ‘Dissect’ Tackles Frank Ocean’s Work With

Hearing Cuchna recite Urban Dictionary definitions is a bit giggle-worthy, but it’s refreshing that he doesn’t take a definitive tone when referencing the parts of Ocean’s life most

whats the meaning behind Pink Matter? – The Ultimate Frank

Frank Ocean appreciation blog open to any statements questions or submissions regarding Frank Ocean. This blog is owned by a fan of 5 YEARS and counting. blog started April 2012. My personal blog is celestialblackflower.

What does Frank Sinatra mean in Urban Dictionary?

Frank Sinatra (produced 1915, passed away 1998) Known as «The Voice» or «Chairman associated with the board» was the coolest interpreter of swing songs during their almost 60 years in showbusiness. Winner of an oscar during the early fiftees.

Also what does Pink Matter mean to you? : FrankOcean

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