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The Engineer Goby, Pholidychtys luecotaenia, also known as the Convict Worm Goby, Pacific Neon Goby, Convict Worm Blenny, features a long skinny body with varying body marks through different periods of its life. Generally, the Engineer Goby has a black body with a white horizontal stripe.


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Goby cleans up everything in its path, you simply guide it along. The built-in timer ensures you brush for a dentist-recommended two minutes, with 30-second prompts to tell you when it’s time to switch quadrants.

Orange Marked Goby – Goby – Saltwater Fish

The Orange Marked Goby, Amblygobius decussatus, otherwise known as the Orangemarked Goby, Oranged-Lined Goby, is a sand-sifting goby found near the Solomon Islands. It has a white body with red cross-hatched stripes.

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The goby-shrimp relationship is an example of what is called an obligate mutualism. These gobies are never found without their shrimp partners, and, conversely, the partner shrimp are never found without their goby partners.

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Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus) – Species Profile

Round Goby may provide an entry point for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) into trophic webs. Macksasitorn et al. (2015) found a weak correlation between sediment and goby tissue PCB concentrations, with smaller gobies having higher PCB concentration. Not all impacts of the introduced Round Goby are negative.

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The Neon Goby is a very hardy fish, and because its small size, is a great addition to a small reef tank. It should be housed in a 10-gallon or larger aquarium. It is a cleaner species which will service tank mates and help control some diseases.


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Dec 28, 2006 · I am a bit confused now. I have heard of the Diamond Goby aka. Orange Diamond Sleeper Goby, Orange Dashed Goby. There is also the Yellow Watchman Goby aka. Gold ShrimpGoby, or the blue Spot Watchman Goby aka. Blue-Tailed Shrimpgoby both of which are ShrimpGobies not sand sifters. The Watchman Gobies tend to be really shy for a while.