Urban Dictionary: Italian Job

Urban Dictionary: Italian Job

Theft. So named for the 1969 Michael Caine movie, remade in 2003 with flavor-of-the-month «Marky» Mark Wahlberg. The word «job» at the end of it gives it obvious sexual connotations, but as the 1969 film is generally regarded to be a classic, the illegal implications are unavoidable.

Urban Dictionary: The Italian Job

Is when a man is fucking a woman and in the middle of the session he sticks a spicy meatball up in her butthole. Right before he blows his load they switch to the 69 position and she suck him off and similtanously poops the meatball in his mouth and he eats it.

Urban Dictionary: The Italian Ice Job

A blowjob with water ice in the mouth. 7-11 Slurpies make an exceptable substitute.

Urban Dictionary: job

Means by which at least 30% of your life is stolen from you to enrich the owners of a company making useless shit that some other poor idiot in a job will buy.

What does Italian Job mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does Italian Job mean in Urban Dictionary?: whenever you drop your cock in marinara sauce and your girl offers you a blow job. (The use of parmesan mozzarella cheese is …

Urban Dictionary: Italian Hand Job

Italian Hand Job Italian Hand Job, or commonly referred to as IHJ, is the ultimate test of a woman’s endurance.The challenge is to sit through the entire Italian Job movie (usually naked). If the woman has the strength to finish the movie, then all participants are rewarded with a hand job.

Urban Dictionary: italian

A person from Italy or from Italian decent; sometimes speaks Italian or has family memebers who speak it(Or spoke it if they’re dead) They are NOT ANYTHING like the Guidos who are «Italian». The image these fake American Guidos are making Italians as a whole look like the American snobby «Guidos». In fact, thinking this about the Italian culture, is a steryotype

What does Italian Blow Job mean in Urban Dictionary?

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