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Fagbevegelsen i Farsund er i sjokk etter at det ble avslørt at en tidligere avdelingsleder i Fellesforbundet har underslått mellom 500 000 og 800 000 kroner.

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En tidligere avdelingsleder i Fellesforbundet i Farsund er dømt til ett års fengsel etter å ha underslått vel halvannen million kroner.



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Farsund was already organized as a trading centre in 1795, and in 1995 celebrated its 200-year jubilee. Trade and shipping laid the foundation for prosperity, and «the city of the strait» was a period one of the world’s largest shipping towns in relation to the size of population.

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Jonas Eilertsen Lund (1693 – 1743) – Genealogy

Jeg ble født på Borhaug ved Farsund i 1693. Mine foreldre var Eilert Jonassen Borhaug og Berthe Jochumsdatter Hervoll. I boken «Farsund-Lundene fortelles det at jeg et par år var skriverkarl hos amtmann Wilhelm Reesen i Farsund før jeg begynte mitt livslange virke som handelsmann.

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Farsund is also known for an exciting history of piracy dating back to the 1800’s when the locals fought the invading British ships during the Napoleonic wars. And the region has close ties to America due to extensive emigration in the 50s and 60s. This is celebrated during the annual American Festival at Vanse.

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