Dropbox Just Killed Mailbox, the Greatest Email App of All Time

Dropbox Just Killed Mailbox, the Greatest Email App of All

When the Mailbox team joined Dropbox in 2013, we shared a passion for simplifying the way people work together. And solving the email problem seemed like a strong complement to the challenges

Remember Mailbox? Well, Dropbox just killed the hyped-up

It’s getting rid of two apps: Mailbox and Carousel. A few years ago, the blogosphere got all excited about Mailbox, an iPhone app that promised to reinvent the way you do email.

Dropbox Kills Mailbox, an App It Bought for $100M | WIRED

Mailbox users, however, will have to find a new email app by February 26, 2016, when the service that the Mailbox apps depend on will shut down. Dropbox is in a tight spot right now.

Mailbox Is Shutting Down, Try These Free Alternatives

Both apps include the important stuff, like customizable swipe actions, Dropbox integration, and email snoozing. So don’t panic. You can replace Mailbox easily enough with one of these.

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Which begs the question, what happened to Dropbox’s pledge not to kill the app when they purchased it back in 2013? Justin Bariso’s post on Inc. sums things up pretty well, Dropbox Just Killed Mailbox, the Greatest Email App of All Time .

Dropbox is shutting down Mailbox, the popular email client

Dropbox acquired Mailbox, the extremely popular email client, way back in 2013, and unfortunately it’s now time to say goodbye. That’s right, Dropbox has just announced that Mailbox will shut

Dropbox To Shut Down Email App Mailbox This February

When Mailbox debuted back in 2013, users couldn’t get enough of its simplistic UI and clever features. For those not familiar with the app, Mailbox was designed to simplify the task of flagging, archiving and deleting emails via simple swipe gestures.

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Dropbox Just Killed Mailbox, the Greatest Email App of All Time. Strategy. The Strategy That Led Starbucks’s Stock Price to Jump 50 Percent. Innovate. What Your Business Can Learn From Netflix.

Dropbox shutting down Mailbox and Carousel apps – Phone Arena

Dropbox is throwing in the towel on a couple of its apps — Mailbox and Carousel; or, at least Dropbox is pulling a Google and will shut down those two apps and fold their functionality into other projects more directly connected to Dropbox’s main software offering.

Dropbox is Shutting Down its Mailbox and Carousel Apps

Dropbox acquired Mailbox in 2013, which at the time of its launch had a lot of hype as it created a simple interface for reading email. Carousel also comes from startup acquisitions, and is an

Dropbox’s popular Mailbox email app updated with

Dropbox has just updated its popular email app, Mailbox, with support for interactive notifications in iOS 8.. As a result, Mailbox now lets you snooze or archive new emails directly from push

Dropbox is shutting down its Mailbox and Carousel apps

Dec 07, 2015 · Dropbox is doing away with Mailbox, the email app it acquired in March 2013, and Carousel, the company’s attempt at a standalone photo management app. …

With Mailbox, Dropbox moves beyond its cloud-storage

Aug 19, 2014 · A year and a half later, Mailbox’s core principles have become one of Dropbox’s flagship strategies for solving problems: use a dedicated solution, in app form, to tackle an issue like email …

Why Mailbox died – The Verge

Dec 08, 2015 · Before it even launched in early 2013, more than 1 million people signed up to try Mailbox. A month later, at the height of the app’s popularity, Dropbox bought …

Dropbox’ Mailbox app goes Android, lands in Google Play

Mailbox, the email productivity app that garnered fans in a flash, is finally available for Android and Mac, the identically named, Dropbox-owned company announced Wednesday. The arrival of the