iTunes Connect now lets developers see crash reports

iTunes Connect now lets developers see crash reports

May 02, 2009 · Apple has offered developers a glimpse as crash reporting since the iPhone 2.0 firmware was released, however, it was a kludge to get users to email you the crash reports …

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Nov 01, 2016 · To view and download crash reports for an app. Open the App Details page for the app, as described in Creating an iTunes Connect Record for an App. Select the desired platform version, scroll down to Additional Information and click Crash Reports. The link is available only if iTunes Connect has crash logs available for this version of the app.

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Are TestFlight Crash Reports available via iTunes

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iTunes now funnels iPhone crash reports to developers

One of the most requested features from developers, automated crash reports, can now be submitted by users via iTunes 8.2. Developers can access the reports via iTunes Connect.

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In addition it only shows crash reports if the user did allow to send anonymous data to be send to Apple when setting up the device. Most users don’t allow that, hence you don’t see any reports. Also before iOS 5.0 these reports would only be send to Apple when the device is synced with iTunes.

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– Click on the application you are interested for which you want to see the reports – Select the View Details option below if application icon – Select the Crash Reports link. Crash Reports with Ad Hoc and Enterprise Apps. When a device is synchronized with iTunes, crash reports are copied from the device onto the system running iTunes.

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If an app is deployed in the App Store, then you will be able to see crash logs in iTunes Connect; but only if the affected customers have opted to send diagnostic and usage information to Apple. Analyzing crash reports: Crash reports contain stack traces for each thread of your application at the time execution halted.

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I’d like to be able to see the crash reports from apple service on my local machine trough Crashes tab on Organizer. I have access to iTunes Connect and to development program for the project, I filled my credentials on XCode preferences but the app is not showing on Organizer.

Crash Reports Now Available to iPhone Devs in iTunes

Apple is making it easier for iPhone developers to get application crash reports “ by making them available through the primary interface they use for dealing with their App Store programs “ iTunes Connect.

If you see the Connect to iTunes screen on your iPhone

If you see the Connect to iTunes screen, restart your device: On an iPhone X or later, or iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

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With App Analytics, you can see which organic marketing channels drive the highest traffic, downloads, usage, and revenue for your app. App Store Impressions See how many times your app’s icon has been viewed on the App Store, including in search results, Featured, Top …

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Your Apps on the App Store. Easily upload, submit, and manage your apps on the App Store with App Store Connect on the web or on iOS. This suite of tools also lets you view sales reports, access app analytics, invite users to test your apps with TestFlight, and much more.

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Payments and Financial Reports on iTunes Connect has been redesigned to make it easier to view and download your monthly financial data. We’ve consolidated all the data to a single page, and you can now download several financial reports at once.

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Apple’s registered developers must manage their App Store apps using the clunky iTunes Connect web app. While iTunes Connect isn’t going anywhere yet, developers now have a dedicated iPhone and iPad app to monitor stats and respond to user reviews on App Store.

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Crash reports form my iPhone 4S are not getting synched to itunes. I did lot of search & troubleshooting but did not find any solution. I have itunes installed on Windows 7 machine. Same machine i am using to sync iPhone 4s and iPad 1. Whenever i sync iPad i do get the crash reports on my machine.