Walter White doesn’t live here: US owners of Breaking Bad house fence property to stop pizza on roof

Walter White doesn’t live here: US owners of Breaking Bad

The scene from Breaking Bad in which Walter White hiffs a pizza on his roof is a popular one for fans of the show to recreate at the real house – much to the annoyance of the real life owners.

Owners of ‘Breaking Bad’ home have to put a fence up

Watch video · Owners of ‘Breaking Bad’ home are forced to put a six foot fence up because fans keep throwing PIZZA on the roof, echoing famous Walter White scene The owners of the house used in Breaking Bad

Owners of ‘Breaking Bad’ House Have Had Enough of the

The people who live in the house made famous by “Breaking Bad” have finally had it with people throwing pizzas on their roof. Ever since a frustrated Walter White famously threw a pizza on the

Walter and Skyler White’s House – 46 Photos & 83 Reviews

Also, their is the big issue of the house on the inside looking nothing like Walter White’s house in the show. The floor plan isn’t even the same. Also, it would be a bit risky.


‘Breaking Bad’ House Owners Building Fence – UPROXX

Every Breaking Bad fan who visits Walter and Skyler White’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, thinks they’re the first person to throw a pizza on the roof, or leave a pink teddy bear in the pool.

Breaking Bad home-owner builds fence to combat fans’ pizza

Owner of Breaking Bad house installs fence to combat fans’ pizza throwing The people who live in the real Albuquerque home have been retrieving pizzas from their roof for the last four years

Breaking Bad creator tells fans to stop throwing pizzas

Breaking Bad creator begs fans to stop harassing elderly couple who live in Walter White’s house by recreating the ‘pizza throwing’ scene If u throw another pizza on their roof.’ RELATED ARTICLES.

Owner of ‘Breaking Bad’ house installs fence to prevent

Walter White’s old house is in need of security. Fans of AMC show «Breaking Bad» are still demonstrating their ongoing love of the show by vandalizing the property.

Breaking Bad home owner builds 6ft iron fence to stop fans

The owner of a house made famous as the residence of chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin Walter White in Breaking Bad is building a 6ft wrought-iron fence to stop fans trespassing and recreating

Breaking Bad House Finally Getting A Fence –

Everyone has their breaking point, and it seems like the owners of the famous Breaking Bad house where Walter White resided have finally reached theirs. The house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Bryan Cranston’s meth -dealing character lived in has of course become the spot for countless photos, theft, and pizza being thrown on the roof.

Today, at Walter White’s house : breakingbad –

Guy on the right (white tee shirt, baseball cap) brought a pizza and tried to convince the property owner to let him throw it on the roof. Doubt this is the first time this has happened, but I was just riding by on my bike and saw it. Property owner seems like a nice, patient lady.

BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-12-17-8A: The owners of the Breaking

The owners of the Breaking Bad house are putting fence around their house to keep out fans.There is a new list of the best excuses people give for being late. 00:25:09 Transcript – Not for consumer use.

Tired of Roof Pizzas, Breaking Bad House Takes Drastic Step

Oct 12, 2017 · Owners of home used in ‘Breaking Bad’ building fence to keep out pushy fans exterior of Walter White’s house in the hit show. had to ask fans to stop throwing pizzas onto the house’s roof

Don’t throw pizza on Walter White’s roof: Breaking Bad

LOS ANGELES: Vince Gilligan, the creator of ‘Breaking Bad’, has asked fans to stop throwing pizza on the roof of Walter White’s former home. The owner of the house, which was used to shoot the hit series, is not happy with fans’ attempt to recreate White’s famous pizza toss in the season three