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rest – Standard methods for documenting a RESTful API

A REST API should spend almost all of its descriptive effort in defining the media type(s) used for representing resources and driving application state, or in defining extended relation names and/or hypertext-enabled mark-up for existing standard media types.

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API design guidance | Microsoft Docs

This guidance describes issues that you should consider when designing a web API. Introduction to REST. In 2000, Roy Fielding proposed Representational State Transfer (REST) as an architectural approach to designing web services. REST is an architectural style …

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REST APIs – Atlassian

Authentication and Authorization

Documenting APIs: A guide for technical writers | Document

In your REST API documentation, you describe the various endpoints available, their methods, parameters, and other details, and you also document sample responses from the endpoints. From practice to documentation

API Documentation – Support Home

API Documentation Follow. Updated: October 26, REST API. Download the REST API Guide (.docx) NetDocuments OAuth Documentation – See a sample OAuth C# and URL-encoded form. Authentication for the REST API functions is handled using standard OAuth 2.0 protocols. The REST API is the preferred method for interfacing programmatically with

Azure DevOps Services REST API Reference –

Due to technical constraints, we are only able to document API Version 4.1 and newer using this method. We believe the documentation for API Version 4.1 and newer will be easier to use due to this change. If you are working in TFS or are looking for the older versions of REST APIs, you can take a look at the Pre-Version 4.1 REST API documentation.

REST API Documentation Using JAXRS-ANALYZER – DZone

The editors that parse asciidoc documents processe this rest-resources.adoc document and produce a graphical API documentation such as bellow: The last back-end is swagger. Swagger is a tool that

Introduction to REST APIs | Document REST APIs

This site provides tutorials for documenting REST APIs. This content is intended for technical writers working on REST API documentation projects.

Swagger – Official Site

Swagger offers the most powerful and easiest to use tools to take full advantage of the OpenAPI Specification. Learn More SmartBear is committed to Open Source development.

HTTP Methods for RESTful Services –

The primary or most-commonly-used HTTP verbs (or methods, as they are properly called) are POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE. These correspond to create, read, update, and delete (or CRUD) operations, respectively.

How do you document your APIs? –

Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart by John O’Duinn is a practical guide for people who work in distributed or dispersed teams.