When Is GTA 6 Coming Out? Development Reports Appear on Web

When Is GTA 6 Coming Out? Development Reports Appear on

The fact that the game is under development right now shouldn’t be too surprising. It was always expected that GTA 6 would be coming down the pipeline at some point.

When Is GTA 6 Coming Out? Development Reports Appear On Web

So, now to the real question; when is GTA 6 coming out? Well, unfortunately, looking at Neff’s resume doesn’t give much indication as to when we can expect GTA 6 development to be completed. Rockstar is likely most-focused on launching Red Dead Redemption 2 first …

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When is GTA 6 coming out? If the series’s typical development timeline of about four to five years between entries is anything to go by, we should be getting GTA 6 in 2018.

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The first installment was released in 1997, then followed up by «Grand Theft Auto 2» in 1999. The «Grand Theft Auto 3» was released in 2001, then its sequel «Grand Theft Auto 4» came out 2008. The last installment in the series called «Grand Theft Auto 5» was released in 2013.

‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ is likely in production — but recent

Jul 28, 2017 · Development Reports Appear On Web ValueWalk Update: GTA V Actor Denies Motion Capture Work on GTA 6 IGN Traffic rules and tidying up: …

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According to reports, GTA 6 will come with a new map, one that was not found in any previous GTA versions. Even if Rockstar hasn’t officially announced that GTA 6 is in development, there are reports which say that the game is currently in the works.

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Clearly, a reasonable number of Rockstar employees are still engaged with the GTA 5 title, and this means that it is now difficult to transfer resources into the development of GTA 6. While reports from close to the developer have indicated that it is at least tinkering with a few ideas internally, it seems likely that very little solid work has been done on GTA 6 as of yet.

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«GTA 6» has been making a lot of noise lately as rumors have started to become rampant again. There have been contradicting reports with regard to the upcoming development and release of the open

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Speculations about the release date of «Grand Theft Auto 6» continue to come out as Rockstar Games remains silent about the development of the next installment of the open-world video game franchise. One of the latest speculations from Neurogadget claims that the next «Grand Theft Auto» game will be

\’GTA 6\’ release date news update: Next installment to be

With the new sequel in development, speculations suggest that the next «Grand Theft Auto» will be playable in virtual reality. According to Neurogadget, since it can be expected that the next installment, «GTA 6,» will come out in 2017 at the earliest, then developer Rockstar Games may intend for

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A new GTA is to be expected. The speculation of a coming GTA 6 is not unfounded as it has been a couple of years since the last installation was released. GTA V was published in 2013 and it’s not unusual for Rockstar to lay out the foundation of the latest installment as early as this year.