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Subjective burden among spousal and adult-child informal

Oldenkamp M, Wittek RPM, Hagedoorn M, et al. Survey nonresponse among informal caregivers: effects on the presence and magnitude of associations with caregiver burden and satisfaction. BMC Public Health. 2016;16:480. doi: 10.1186/s12889-016-2948-6. View Article PubMed PubMed Central Google Scholar; Schulz R, Williamson GM.

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1: Wetterslev M, Møller-Sørensen H, Johansen RR, Perner A. Systematic review of cardiac output measurements by echocardiography vs. thermodilution: the techniques are not interchangeable. Intensive Care Med. 2016 Aug;42(8):1223-33. doi: 10.1007/s00134-016-4258-y.

The telencephalon of the Göttingen minipig

Dolezalova D, Hruska-Plochan M, Bjarkam CR, Sørensen JC, Cunningham MG, Weingarten D, Ciacci JD, Juhas S, Juhasova J, Motlik J, Hefferan MP, Hazel T, Johe K, Carromeu C, Muotri A, Bui J, Strnadel J, Marsala M (2014) Pig models of neurodegenerative disorders: utilization in cell replacement-based preclinical safety and efficacy studies.

The design of the run Clever randomized trial: running

is self-reported and covers personal information, demographics, medical history, information on running experience and the social security number. The self-reported height and weight will be used to calculate BMI (weight (kg)/height 2 (m 2)).

Published in: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders · 2016Authors: Daniel Ramskov · Daniel Ramskov · Rasmus Oestergaard Nielsen · Henrik Toft Soren…Affiliation: Aarhus University · Aalborg University · Aarhus University HospitalAbout: Suicide prevention · Internal medicine · Sports medicine · Rheumatology · Human fact…

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Boardman, L., Sørensen, J. G., Kostal, V., Simek, P. and Terblanche, J. S. (2016). Cold tolerance is unaffected by oxygen availability despite changes in anaerobic

Low-dose aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory

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1: Schmidt SA, Kahlert J, Vestergaard M, Schønheyder HC, Sørensen HT. Hospital-based herpes zoster diagnoses in Denmark: rate, patient characteristics, and all-cause mortality.

Efficacy of live feedback to improve objectively monitored

Wild D, Grove A, Martin M, Eremenco S, McElroy S, Verjee-Lorenz A, et al. Principles of Good Practice for the Translation and Cultural Adaptation Process for Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Measures: report of the ISPOR Task Force for Translation and Cultural Adaptation.

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Antibiotic prescription and food allergy in young children

Ajslev TA, Andersen CS, Gamborg M, Sørensen TI, Jess T. Childhood overweight after establishment of the gut microbiota: the role of delivery mode, pre-pregnancy weight and early administration of antibiotics.