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Another thing to take into account is the level of the weapon. If you have a blue level 12 weapon, but a green level 15 weapon, the green will be better than the blue, even though loot tables are White (common) > Green (Uncommon) >Blue (Rare) > Purple (Legendary) ≥ Orange (Exotic).

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In general, weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale are ranked by their colors. The better the color, the better the damage, and the better the weapon. The better the color, the better the damage, and

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The higher damage does increase the amount of torpor, which of course is awesome for taming. however, the higher damage also applies to the actual amount of damage (hit point loss) each arrow does. So while you can bring a dino to unconsciousness faster with a higher …

Top responsesRedditMore damage = more torpor. Torpor is directly proportional to damage. If you’re shooting a tranq arrow from any weapon torpor will stack up in a certain amount of … read more5 votesHigher damage is more topor. You are fine to tame birds with your 190 mastercraft bows. If you cant control headshots keep a primitive bow handy for birds.1 voteAnother helpful tip, at least for carnivores, is to offer them nibbles while you tranquilize them. I had a friend drop phiomia and dodo snacks at my spino while I … read more1 voteSee all

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As you explore the map, find and open gold chests, you can discover the same weapon with different levels of rarity, and its statistics will change along with the color. A golden/orange sniper rifle will do more damage than a green one, for example.

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Mar 29, 2017 · If that is the case, the scaling is probably why your seeing a limit on the damage of the weapon, different characters at different levels will see gear stats differently. Now, how to …

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The Ninja class is specialized in using Melee Weapons, with various passive abilities boosting damage done by these weapon types, and mobility to allow them to go in and out of melee range with ease. Melee Weapons are categorized into 6 subclasses: Swords , Axes , Spears , Scythes , Clubs , and Hardware .

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Special Weapons Edit. Special weapons deal higher amounts of damage, but they are less «all-purpose» and useful mainly in specific circumstances. There are four types of special weapons: Shotguns: Close-quarters, but high damage. Sidearms: Pistols with a high fire rate, but low range and impact. Sniper Rifles: Long-range scope and high damage.

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Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon Rarity. While exploring the Battle Royale map and opening golden loot chests you may discover the exact same weapon with different levels of rarity, and their stats will change along with color. An orange sniper rifle is going to deal more damage than a green one, for instance.

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Even though the Fabricated Pistol has the lowest damage of any gun in the game, it makes up for this by using the cheapest kind of ammunition in the game, possessing a larger magazine size than all guns, except the Assault Rifle, and having no weapon sway which makes it …

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The higher quality a gem is, the more powerful its effects: chipped gems provide minor benefits, while the damage bonus of a flawless gem can rival the damage of the weapon it is set in. Some extremely potent gems, like Marquise gems, cannot be traded. For more information about the effects of gems, see the Jeweler recipes section.

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Mods will affect damage types as decided by the player’s loadout. General damage increasing mods, such as Serration, affect all the damage types of a weapon. However, specific physical damage type mods increase effectiveness only against certain health and armor types.

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Weapon Damage Multipliers. The base damage of a weapon is the amount of damage the target should take on each successful hit. Some weapons’ item card Damage stat will show the base damage and a multiplier, represented by flashing yellow multiplier text (such as «x7») alternating with the damage number. If a multiplier is present, the weapon will fire the number of projectiles given by the modifier …