Monster Hunter World: Devil May Cry Event

Monster Hunter World: Devil May Cry Event | Fextralife

Monster Hunter World meets Devil May Cry in Capcom’s upcoming event, that will allow players who slay a High Rank Teostra monster obtain special Armor and a Weapon fashioned after Dante from DMC.

How to Unlock Devil May Cry’s Dante – Monster Hunter World

May 09, 2018 · This page covers the event quest Code: Red, which needs to be completed to unlock Devil May Cry’s Dante’s armor set and Charge Blade in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter: World!

Devil May Cry collaboration coming to Monster Hunter: World! A new charge blade, Dante’s Devil Sword, and new armor set, Dante α, are blasting onto the scene!

Monster Hunter World: Devil May Cry Event Start Date

In other Monster Hunter: World affairs, the Spring Blossom Festival is currently running, and is the game’s first seasonal event. It brings with it an opportunity to play previous event quests

‘Monster Hunter World’ Events Add ‘Devil May Cry’ Quest

The Devil May Cry quest in Monster Hunter World will likely be similar to the Horizon Zero Dawn event where players completed a mission and gathered resources to craft new gear based on Aloy from HZD.

Monster Hunter: World to feature stylish Devil May Cry

Monster Hunter: World’s next crossover will be with another Capcom franchise: Devil May Cry. Players will be able to equip Devil May Cry hero Dante’s weapons, as well as wear the demon hunter

Dante is coming to Monster Hunter: World! MHW-Devil May

The new collaboration event with Devil May Cry is coming to Monster Hunter: World on April 26th. According to the official Twitter page, the collaboration event will start on April 26th 5pm and will end on May …

Monster Hunter: World’s Devil May Cry Gear Is –

Monster Hunter: World’s wild crossover events are now ten times more stylish with the arrival of a quest to unlock armor and weapons from the pizza eating simulator Devil May Cry.The limited