Anything: Matt Bomer casting controversy gets response from director

Anything: Matt Bomer casting controversy gets response

Anything is getting its theatrical debut this weekend, and McNeil says he stands by his decision to cast Bomer. “The goal is for the trans community and all the actors in the community — trans

Mark Ruffalo to Trans Community Following Matt Bomer

On Wednesday, Mark Ruffalo addressed the controversy surrounding the casting of openly gay actor Matt Bomer as a transgender sex worker in his upcoming film Anything. Ruffalo is executive

Matt Bomer Plays a Transgender Woman in ‘Anything’ – FIRST

Matt Bomer plays a transgender sex worker in the forthcoming drama Anything, directed by Timothy McNeil. The movie saw some criticism when it was first unveiled last summer, with some in the trans

The First Clip of Matt Bomer as a Trans Woman | The Mary Sue

Last fall, controversy erupted over the casting of Matt Bomer as a trans woman sex worker in the film Anything.Now, the first look at the movie is worrisome.

Matt Bomer: Any Actor Can Play an LGBT Role – The Advocate

In response, Bomer had blocked and then unblocked Clayton on Twitter. Mark Ruffalo, who is a producer of Anything, eventually responded to the controversy on Twitter. «To the Trans community.

Mark Ruffalo Gets Heat On Twitter For Casting Matt Bomer

Mark Ruffalo has ruffled a lot of feathers over his new film Anything. The Thor: Ragnarok star got major heat surrounding Matt Bomer‘s casting as a transgender sex worker in the upcoming drama.

Mark Ruffalo responds to outrage over Matt Bomer’s casting

Bomer won a Golden Globe for his performance in the feature. He publicly acknowledged he was gay in 2012 during an awards ceremony. One Twitter user wrote in criticism of the casting: ‘More cis

Matt Bomer Archives – Big Gay Picture Show

When it first became widely known that Matt Bomer was playing a trangender sex worker in the upcoming movie Anything, there was an immediate controversy. Many were angry that yet again a cisgender person was playing a transgender role, and there was also frustration that yet again that trans person was going to be involved in sex work.

“Anything” Featuring Matt Bomer As a Transgender Woman

Matt Bomer in “Anything” You revisit uncomfortable events in your life to bring a real response to the surface of your performance. That this casting director was willing to overlook

Men Who Play Transgender Women Send a «Toxic and Dangerous

Matt Bomer is the latest actor to find himself in the crosshairs of controversy, following news this week that he will be playing a transgender woman in the upcoming indie film Anything, executive

Matt Bomer fizzles in “Anything”; Juliette Binoche goes

You may remember a whiff of controversy that attended the casting of this small indie. Openly gay, cisgender male actor Matt Bomer was cast as Freda, a transgender hooker working L.A.’s …