Find Out How Many Hours It Will Take to Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show With This Calculator

Find Out How Many Hours It Will Take to Binge-Watch Your

The calculator kindly reminds you that it would have taken you 9.3 workdays to complete the binge session if it was your job. Or, if you’re planning on taking a slow and steady approach, you’ll

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Use the search bar to find out! Here you’ll find calculations for how long it takes to watch every episode of any TV show, plus all the other resources you need for your next adventure in front of the tube, including movie marathon guides on FilmClock, memes on BingeMeme, written and video content on BingeBlog, TV show fan site and web page

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Type in a show and how many seasons of it you’ve watched. It will then add up the time it would take to watch it straight through in days, hours and minutes. So suppose you have a list of common

Find Out How Many Hours It Will Take to Binge-Watch Your

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Take our quiz & discover your most energy demanding appliances. Do you know the cost of watching 10 hours of TV? The cost of a load of laundry? Take our quiz & discover your most energy demanding appliances. How much does it cost to binge watch 10 hours of your favorite TV show? Use the calculator to check out other

Find out exactly how long it’ll take to binge-watch your

The same mission would take just 41 hours with every Game of Thrones episode that has aired on HBO so far, and the entire Sopranos series would take you 3.6 days.

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True to reality, too much of anything is bad for you. Studies show that if you binge-watch, it really could take years off your life—but we wanted to take it to the extreme. 960 hours, and 57,600 minutes binge-watching without eating. Without Sleeping. Check out our Death By Binge Watching Calculator, plug in your favorite shows, and

This is how long it would take you to binge-watch your

It would take 73 hours to watch every Game of Thrones episode. Law & Order: SVU takes out the top spot when it comes to the number of eight-hour workdays needed to watch from start to finish.

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Find out how long of a haul you’re in for before you start your next binge with With this fun site, all you do is type out the name of your favorite show or series, or one you plan to

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‘Tis the season for binge watching, and to help enable your favorite winter activity, we’ve created a list of how long it will take to watch (or hate watch) every single episode of your