What is the URL for using the Tooling API via SOAP?

What is the URL for using the Tooling API via SOAP

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What is the URL for using the Tooling API via SOAP

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Introducing Tooling API | Tooling API | Salesforce Developers

Use Tooling API when you need fine-grained access to an org’s metadata. Tooling API’s SOQL capabilities for many metadata types allow you to retrieve smaller pieces of metadata. Smaller retrieves improve performance, which makes Tooling API a better fit for developing interactive applications.

Using the Tooling API to Generate Apex SOAP Web Service

Using the Tooling API to Generate Apex SOAP Web Service Clients Extending the capabilities of WSDL2apex Nelson Since 2007 Active on Salesforce StackExchange Integration with SOAP based web services lead to this talk.


Tooling API – resources.docs.salesforce.com

Tooling API exposes metadata used in developer tooling that you can access through REST or SOAP. For detailed descriptions of Tooling API objects and the REST resources and SOAP calls that each object supports, see Tooling API Objects .

Querying Custom Object and Field IDs via Tooling API

Tooling API support for Custom Object and Custom Fields. Probably the least obvious aspect of the Tooling API is its ability to actually query (via REST or SOAP) the CustomObject and CustomField objects (which are not accessible via Apex SOQL). As we know every object in Salesforce has an ID, this got me wondering if in this case its the same

QueryResult | Tooling API | Salesforce Developers

SOAP Headers for Tooling API REST Headers for Tooling API QueryResult. Represents the results of a query. For example, if you query If the results exceed the current batch size, this field contains the URL of the next record in the query result set. This field is

SOAP, http web service requests and url – Stack Overflow

The url is another item in the http request (inside the request line). – there’s no url equivalent of a SOAP request (this is obvious from the former item) – a SOAP service request is translated into an http POST request, whereas an http url web service call (including query part or not) is …

SOAP vs. REST: A Look at Two Different API Styles

SOAP vs. REST: The key differences . SOAP is a protocol. REST is an architectural style. An API is designed to expose certain aspects of an application’s business logic on a server, and SOAP uses a service interface to do this while REST uses URIs. REST APIs access a resource for data (a URI); SOAP APIs perform an operation.


Force.com Tooling API Developer’s Guide

Tooling SOAP API is used just like the Salesforce SOAP API. For details on usage, syntax, and authentication, see the SOAP API Developer’s Guide. To access the Tooling API WSDL, from Setup, click Develop > API and click Generate Tooling WSDL. 4 Introducing Tooling API Using Tooling SOAP API

Choosing between URL access and SOAP in Reporting Services

In addition, URL access provides better performance than SOAP because it bypasses the marshalling of SOAP requests to and from the server. In integration scenarios that require quick and easy access to reports with built-in tools for viewing and navigation, URL access is the better choice.