‘I’m gay and I was sexually assaulted by a woman’

‘I’m gay and I was sexually assaulted by a woman’ – BBC

Frank McGowan was sexually assaulted at a party in Glasgow two years ago. He says he «didn’t feel under threat» by his attacker, Cheryl Cottrell, because she was a woman. The film-maker, who is

Gay man ‘felt like he was raped’ after horrifying sexual

A BAFTA-nominated filmmaker has opened up about the PTSD he has suffered after a drunken woman sexually assaulted him. Frank McGowan, who has waived his right to anonymity, was assaulted …

Sydney woman opens up on the moment a gay man sexually

Woman opens up on the moment a man sexually assaulted her in a nightclub toilet but said it was OK because ‘he was gay’ Shannon Power said a gay man put his hand up her dress at a club

When You’re a Woman Raped by a Woman – Broadly

It was the same for Maria*, molested at age four by an older girl; for Sophie*, forced to have sex throughout an abusive relationship; and for Emma*, assaulted by two women before she turned 23.

Gay man sexually assaulted by drunk woman in Glasgow

‘If I was a woman she’d be in jail’: Gay man, 36, who was sexually assaulted by a drunk woman at a party reveals his anger as she is given community service Frank McGowan, 36, from Glasgow, was

I’m A Sexual Assault Victim Who Still Supports Trump

He might have sexually assaulted those women, but maybe not. Maybe if all these allegations had surfaced sooner, we could distinguish truth from lies with real, unbiased investigation.

Men and Sexual Assault | AASAS

MYTH: Guys can’t be sexually assaulted by women. REALITY: Women can and do sexually abuse and assault men, but it rarely gets reported by the survivor. If you include emotional blackmail as a way of forcing a guy to submit to sexual assault, then the number of crimes greatly increases.

I was sexually assaulted by a woman, but everyone I tell

I was also sexually assaulted by a woman (am a woman myself) and the only thing I could do to make everyone in the family understand that it was not ok was to actively talk about what happened and how «not ok» with it I was. I know how it feels to have people laugh at you for being assaulted by a woman.

Measuring #MeToo: more than 80 percent of women have – Vox

Measuring #MeToo: more than 80 percent of women have been sexually harassed or assaulted A new survey asked Americans about sexual harassment and assault. The results are disturbing.