its a love hate thing Suigetsu x OC, a naruto fanfic

its a love hate thing Suigetsu x OC, a naruto fanfic

«c’mon Sasuke~ im tired. im not used to walking yet» Suigetsu whined for the millionth time. «shut up you idiot! we took a break an hour ago!»

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Read its a love hate thing Suigetsu x OC from the story Suigetsu Lemon by underageanimegirl with 1,084 reads. hot, lemon, suigetsu. «c’mon Sasuke~ im tired. im

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the moon in the water is just an illusion as are his strikes kurenai kidnaps naruto at 5 to train him after seing naruto beaten within 1 inch of his life naru/tsume OC/Konan rated for …

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YOU ARE READING. Naruto(& Others) One-Shots baby!!! Fanfiction. Here are my random little thoughts of naruto I have! If you have any requests send my a quick message and I’ll write one for ya!!!

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Fanfiction Tropes You Hate (self.FanFiction) submitted 1 year ago * by [deleted] Omegaverse – It’s a love/hate thing, and 99% of the time I hate it. I mean this isn’t even a fanfic thing this is an all media everywhere thing. You can’t just sexually abuse someone and then treat it like it was just «kinky bonding».

Top responsesRedditI agree on ABO, and I also really dislike mpreg for some of the same reasons. I also really dislike random popular character bashing (I’m looking at … read more24 votesDon’t like Mpreg. Don’t like everything needing to have romance in it to get people to read. If your only readers only care about the romance and only … read more14 votesI’m really tired of the whole pairing is destined to be because dundunDUN they met once upon a time when they were children -_-12 votesCoffeeshop AUs. Always the same damn boring story and disgustingly sweet and fluffy.10 votesWow reading these make me feel better about my writing xD9 votesHigh School AU Modern AU for a source story set not in modern times. The timeframe is relevant to the characters’ personality.9 votesSee all

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Sasuke and Naruto. The not so conventional soulmates. The pretty boy, misterious, full of secrets, hide under couples of shadows; the favorite between the girls, prodigy and survivor of the prestigious Uchiha family and The 2007 Tragedy.

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[Naruto!Various X Oc] [Older MC] — Haruno Sakuya is Sakura older sister. As the oldest sister, she was bound by the family tradition. Yet, so many secrets lies within the small flower shop between her and the Uchiha brother’s. In the midst of love and conflict, as others also starting to chang

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Love can be very difficult to write and I’m not really a fan of typical romance clichés like tsundere, love-hate, or idealized fantasy romances. You can try reading this for more info on OC x Canon love: Corona – This OC needs quite a bit of work in my opinion.

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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

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There’s just so much to her I cannot describe lightly. But that’s my personal opinion. All in all, people, I love every single character in Naruto. Yep. You heard me. I am not part of a single anti-character club. Though some of the adults in Naruto I don’t favor of, I do not hate them.

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Konnichiwa minna san!\^_^/ Masumi reporting in. Naruto week is ongoing, and its only then that I realised – that in the entire duration of my stay in here, I have actually never made a blog or art or anything on the main character himself! And what better chance to show some love and de

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Naruto: We Were Meant To Be Shinobi ~A Love Story~ Perfect Imperfection Romance Anime/Manga Fanfiction 1 week ago Hikari Sarutobi is the eldest grandchild of the Third Hokage and the older sister of …

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Jul 10, 2018 · I dont see any point to it either but i just believe its self satisfaction, a form to vent the hate and frustration they have over X character. beast_regards said: ↑ Wish-fulfilment is a thing.

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i love fanfiction tho Most recent. do this ‘it was a long day so I want human contact from the one person I don’t hate’ thing. So do you agree with this hc? write them exactly as nora intended very emotionally unique in their relationship and whatnot and others write them being oc and sappy and saying ‘i love you’ and getting

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