Do animals have orgasms?

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First of all, orgasms aside, animals don’t get it on because they really want to make babies. They do it because it feels good (which ends up being good for the propagation of the species , too).

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Another way you might learn whether non-human animals derive pleasure is whether they have orgasms. That’s especially true for females, since conception does not rely on their ability to

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In fact the enjoyment of sex among humans and among animals may be similar in that it’s all experienced in very primitive parts of the brain. Really wild orgasms Not only do animals …

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Primates. It should be no surprise to anyone that our primate cousins are champion masturbators. …

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Oct 14, 2012 · A few experiments, however, indicate some animals have capacity for orgasm, whether they actually experience it in nature or not. Female chimps and rhesus macaque monkeys have been stimulated clitoral and vaginally in labs, with most eventually experiencing uterine contractions similar to those of human orgasm.


Do female animals have orgasms or any pleasurable

Not really, you have to understand how much instinct controls their lives. We can stop and think about how the mating we just did felt good, and that we could keep doing it without the intention of breeding in mind. Dolphins can do that to an extent. Animals of lesser «intelligence» can’t do that.

That depends on the animal really. Duck mating for instance is basically forced rape. However Dolphins have been known to have sex for pleasure.Best answer · 54Bonobo monkeys apes, I believe.14Well, the police say no, but the sheep hasn’t run away yet Seriously, though, there is evidence that the other great apes feel pleasurable sensations during sex, and the bonobos, as /u/Lukas_Fehrwight mentioned, are one of them. Female bonobos engage in behavior where females rub their genitals against each other, which would imply they enjoy the sensation. They do a lot sexually12Female horses are known to raise their tales out of the way and try to rub their nethers on fence posts or walls when they are in heat. I don’t know if they orgasm, but it seems clear that they get pleasure from being touched there.7I don’t have any scientific evidence to point to, but I would be shocked if female animals didn’t feel sexual pleasure. Reproduction is the top priority evolutionarily speaking, so why would humans be the only ones to evolve it? I can’t look it up at the moment, but I bet sexual pleasure comes from the most ancient part of the brain.2female pigs stand when they are sexually aroused. meaning their body is essentially locked in place allowing the boar to do his thing without her moving biologically built in date rape?2NSFW I’m gonna get a little bit graphic. People haven’t said much about the biological aspect. All female mammals have a clitoris and its known effects on humans can be extrapolated to other mammals. It’s then logical to assume that all mammals share similar feelings when stimulated in that way.1My sister’s MALE cockatiel rubs his tail feathers on my brother in laws hand, staring intently at the thumb. He swishes back and forth, more and more rapidly until his neck arches, one wing goes out and then he «collapses». Not a female, but a male just doing it as it feels good. And oddly enough, my neutered male dog does the same with my arm. I’m beginning to think my family are freaks.If the human model is any indication, no. But damned if she wont pretend.0Well humans are animals, so yes

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Ah, the age-old question. When animals are going at it like, uh, animals, how does it end? Is there an animal version of the Big O? It’s a bit hard to say, actually. «The short answer is that we don’t know much about orgasms in other species — in fact, scientists are still studying the significance

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Dec 15, 2007 · Best Answer: Well, what we experience as an orgasm is what motivates us to have sex. All sexual animals have an instinct to reproduce. Orgasm is what that instinct feels like. It may differ slightly from one species to the next, but each one has something, and you can call that something an orgasm.

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All mammals have the physiological capacity for orgasm because they all have a penis or clitoris, and evidence suggests they all experience it. Research with female macaques recorded muscle contractions, facial expressions and vocalizations that demonstrated they do have orgasms.

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Aug 26, 2008 · I hesitate to argue with the Master, but according to Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach female pigs are, in fact, capable of orgasm. It’s just that, like most female animals, they don’t show by their behavior that it’s happening.

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The positive experience gained by cats during the sexual act entices these animals to copulate. Additionally, female cats have clitorises. Scientific studies have proven that cat clitoris functions in the same manner as with human females. It is therefore highly possible for cats to have orgasms.

Do animals have orgasms? | Yahoo Answers

May 10, 2007 · Best Answer: There’s been more research on this topic than you might care to know about, and the answer is yes—at least for primates. According to Marlene Zuk, a professor of biology at the University of California at Riverside and author of Sexual Selections: What We Can and Can’t Learn About Sex from

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Jun 18, 2011 · Rare footage of an solitary young male enjoying a mud bath and having an orgasm.

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Feb 11, 2007 · Our labrador retriever has discovered what makes her feel good! Noshe does not have worms. She is a very happy, healthy, great tempered, spoiled Labrador