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External LDAP Server Configuration – PROMISE Knowledge Base

The object class to get user entries from LDAP server. The below hierarchy of object classes, the value can be user, organizationalPerson or person. Value cannot be top, because top is the root class and cannot be used to filter user.

User Authentication with LDAP — Nextcloud 11 Server

User Authentication with LDAP¶ Nextcloud ships with an LDAP application to allow LDAP users (including Active Directory) to appear in your Nextcloud user listings. These users will authenticate to Nextcloud with their LDAP credentials, so you don’t have to create separate Nextcloud user …

NetScaler LDAP Credentials Issues – Discussions

I am seeing the same thing, your second failure, after upgrading one in my HA pair to from 10.1.124. The 10.1 firmware appliance works as expected, sends the actual samAccountName in the LDAP …

NetScaler LDAP errors – NetScaler VPX – Discussions

Hi. I’m configuring NetScaler gateway to authenticate external ica > XenApp connections. I can’t get the LDAP authentication to work and I’m getting user not found messages, even though the user definitely exists. I’ve set the «Base DN» in the LDAP server config to the ou the XenApp users belong to.

Users – LDAP redundant with LDAP-Group within users file

Re: LDAP redundant with LDAP-Group within users file Phil Mayers wrote: > >> Not as easy as it sounds 😉 12 radius pairs (singe server with the >> same config) at 10 locations, 3 ldap server at 3 different locations >> For countervail lost of one …

node.js – Node JS LDAP Auth User – Stack Overflow

I am creating a login authentication page, where a user would input there active directory username and password and using NodeJS I would check to see if it’s valid, but I keep getting [Error: LDAP

LDAP 70 error while creating users | CA Communities

Nov 10, 2016 · rituparna- can you confirm you are referring to an issue you are seeing with CA Identity Service?I believe this may have been posted in the wrong community and if …

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PHP: ldap_read – Manual

If you just want to pull certain attributes from an object and you already know it’s dn, the ldap_read command can do this as illustrated below. It will be less overhead than ldap_search. The string base_dn which is normally used to set the top context for a recursive ldap_search is …

Different User Management Possibilities in uniFLOW – NT-ware

The easiest and quickest way to manage and configure your User Data offers the Online LDAP Authentication. With this feature the User, Group or Cost Center data in uniFLOW is automatically being synchronized with an external database. For a description of this functionality, please refer to Online LDAP Authentication.

COMException-error when doing LDAP-call – Stack Overflow

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Extension:LDAP Authentication/Examples – MediaWiki

Group configuration [] Configuration for non-AD domains [] Example one []. Note: I created this sub-section since below example is working on a production environment, and it’s quite hard to find out examples for OpenLDAP rather than Active Directory LDAP servers

Where do I specify the Bind DN and password for sss+ldap?

I’m trying sssd for LDAP authentication, and while it can show user IDs with the id command, getent group and getent passwd do not show LDAP names, and while I can chown files to ldap users, they ls -lah as nobody. A bit of digging and I found a hint: that this problem may occur when binding LDAP …

Using Active Directory to synchronize users with onVisit

The UserSynchronization application communicates with Active Directory via the LDAP protocol on port 389. How it works The UserSynchronization is set up as a scheduled task, typically set to run once every night. When the task triggers, it connects to the specified Active Directory and retrieves user objects from the specified OUs.