Register at the immigration office in Trondheim

Register at the immigration office in Trondheim – NTNU

Register with Immigration In general, NTNU employees have to register within 7 days of their arrival in Norway at the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA). Guest researchers and researchers with own funds that will stay in Norway for more than 3 months need to book an appointment to SUA office or Trondheim Police Station in within 7 days after their arrival in Norway.

Registration in the population register

Registration in the population register Registration in connection with moving Everyone who moves to Norway from another country, between two Norwegian municipalities, or to another place in the same municipality, is obliged to notify the population register within eight days.

Immigration registration – INIS

Register for the first time. Register to stay in Ireland for longer than 90 days, including documents required. Renew your registration. Prepare to renew if your registration expires in the next 10 weeks, including documents required. Where to register if you live outside Dublin. Go to the registration office that is nearest to where you live.

Regional immigration registration offices – INIS

How to register with immigration if you live outside Dublin If you live outside Dublin City or county , you must register at the registration office nearest to where you live. Regional registration offices are managed by An Garda Síochána (police) and located at stations nationwide.

Norway Immigration Guide – Life in Norway

People from the other Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) who come to work in Norway must go in person to a tax office to obtain a tax deduction card. If you plan to stay for more than six months, you must register with the Police who will check your ID …



Trondheim, Norway, June 19-22, 2011 GUIDE TO TRONDHEIM Issued: 15 April 2011 HOW TO GET TO TRONDHEIM You can reach Trondheim by air, rail or sea. By air There is no exchange office at the Trondheim Airport, but there is a cash point / ATM at the departure hall of the airport .

Norwegian Emigration Records – Norway Heritage

Norwegian Emigration Records. Norwegian records – Norwegian Police Emigration Lists (1867 – 1973), – What about the Danes? – What about the Swedes? – Norwegian church records – Norwegian church moving lists (1820 – 1915) The Police Emigration Records: Norwegian Police Emigration Records (1867 – …

Immigration to Norway – UDI

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration The UDI is responsible for processing applications from foreign nationals who wish to visit or live in Norway, the running of …

Permanent Residence – Life in Norway

Once the paperwork is completed and accepted by the police or immigration office, you will receive a phone call or email if you need to supply any additional information. The processing time for permanent residence varies, but is typically 3-6 months.

NTNU International Researcher Support – NTNU

NTNU International Researcher Support (NIRS) offers counselling services for administrative staff and researchers working at or visiting NTNU. Other services offered by NIRS includes housing, dual career services, seminars, courses and social activities for the international community at NTNU.

Servicesenter for utenlandske arbeidstakere – SUA

The Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA) is a centre where the Labour Inspection Authority (Arbeidstilsynet), the police (politiet), the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) and the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) work together to provide an efficient application process and guidance for foreigners who come to Norway to work.