Do all Asian men really have small penises ?

Do all Asian men really have small penises ? | Yahoo Answers

Oct 11, 2008 · I know «small» can be a subjective term. But i mean compared to the average, which we all know is about 6» when erect. Id like to hear from perhaps some Asian men , or women who have dated Asian men.

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Is it true that Asian men have small penises

Some Asian guys have small penises, and some do not. Similar to every other guy on the planet, Asian or otherwise. The notion that all Asian guys have small penises is a generalizing stereotype, much like the stereotype that all black men have large penises (which is also untrue).

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Asian-American Men Have Small Penises Alright, let’s get this bit about penis size out of the way. I scoured the Internet for reliable studies regarding penis sizes.

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She also asserts that how in racially diverse San Francisco, her hometown, people so commonly denigrate Asian men for having small penises that it’s taken as gospel, and not racism, and bleeds

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Anyway, on AVERAGE Asian men may tend to have smaller penises, but there’s a wide variance and certainly there’s an overlap. The whole thing is based on genetics rather than specifically coming from a …

Top responsesRedditAncient curse.7 votesOf course it’s a stereotype, but that doesn’t make it wrong.1 voteYeah, the women’s are so small, you can’t even see them.0 votesSee all

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No, I don’t think so. Despite some guys claiming that Asian men have small penises and black guys have very big ones, there is no biological or evolutionary reason/argument that could possibly explain this. Also, most studies that have ever been conducted on this topic are actually questionnaires.

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Oct 10, 2015 · The new footage, filmed by the BBC, shows two men talk about how people assume «all Asian men have small penises». The video aims to show what ethnic minorities «hear everyday» due to British

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What is the evolutionary reason for why Asian men have

Men of other races on average have higher levels of testosterone than Asians do. Higher levels of testosterone correlate to bigger penis size but also correlates to lower life expectancy. There’s not really an evolutionary reason for why Asians have smaller penises, but rather an evolutionary reason

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While the diagram shows that African men have the world’s largest penises, Asian guys got the short end of the stick with the smallest size on average. 5.

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Jun 19, 2014 · It all works out well for white men (balanced, proportionate, beneficent), who, as members of the most evolved strain of Homo sapiens, occupy the hallowed center, where all men …

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Small penises are often unfairly the butt of jokes, but for the men who have them, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Here, three guys open up about living life as smaller-than-average.

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Funny how brainwashed by media white/racist non-Asian folks are. If you confront someone and ask how exactly they KNOW that Asian guys have small dicks they’ll probably stammer and point to porn. Well in that case, I would point to all the viagra commercials and say that maybe they should worry more about theirs not even working.