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Kero is the name of the glass where chicha is served. Picanterías, in Arequipa and Cusco, are eateries where chicha is the customary beverage, being the equivalent of a strong Andean beer. When these places have chicha ready, they place a small flag at the door to invite customers to come and enjoy freshly made chicha de jora.

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Chicha de Jora, not to be confounded with Chicha Morada, is an alcoholic beverage from the Andes region, which already was prepared and drunken by the Incas. Chicha is traditionally obtained by the fermentation of specific maize, the jora. It’s beer-like, has a pale yellowish color and a slightly sour taste.

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Generally speaking, chicha is a fermented or non-fermented drink that is usually made with maize. The two most well-known types of chicha are called chicha de jora, a fermented type made with a special type of yellow maize called jora, and chicha morada, a non-fermented type made with purple maize.

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Peru Food Chicha de Jora Peruvian Drink. Peru Food Chicha de Jora is one of Peru’s most popular brands of maize drinks. It is prepared using a specific kind of yellow maize, jora, and is usually referred to as chicha de jora. chicha de jora

Product Features INCA’S FOOD Chicha de Jora para Cocinar/ Cooking Corn Jora Cider 32 oz.

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Chicha De Jora. Ingredients Edit. 1 lb (4 full cups) Maiz de Jora purchased or homemade 2 x 15-oz cakes chancaca (OR) 1 cup white sugar and 2 cup brown sugar, packed +additional for sweetening 8 whl cloves 1 x Dried hot chili pepper; 1 x Fresh stalk (about 36″) Sugarcane (1-1/2 lbs) cut into pieces, crushed 1 x lemon, sliced for garnish

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28 de Julio is coming up, and Mariana and I are having a Peru independence day party here here at LocalHarvest headquarters in Santa Cruz to celebrate. We’ll be making anticuchos, tamales, yuquitas, and pisco sours, but the main «course» will be a nice strong 4 gallon batch of Chicha de Jora …

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So, arguably, chicha is the most original American beer you could drink. Sip on that idea for a while. Today, chicha is still an important drink for many in Central and South America. After surviving centuries of Spanish colonial rule and oppression, the tradition of making, sharing and drinking chicha is a …


Located in Long Island City, Jora Restaurant & Bar specializes in Regional Peruvian Cuisine and Craft Pisco Cocktails . At Jora Restaurant & Bar, we are committed to bring you the most authentic Peruvian cuisine in all of Long Island City. Chicha de Jora. Fermented Jora corn juice : Inca’s Food Chicha de Jora (32 oz

Chicha de jora is from Ecuador as well as Peru. If I could give zero rating for this particular product I would, but the website requires at least one star. I do not recommend this chicha because it does not taste like the real thing.