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Facebook Messenger keeps crashing! | Facebook Help

I have recently downloaded Facebook Messenger and everytime I attempt to access the app, it show a white screen, followed by a black screen. Then it display’s a message that says that messenger …

How can I fix my messenger app?
Messenger for Android constant crash. | Facebook Help
FB app crashing in iOS, any idea how to

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Facebook Messenger Crashing Instantly On iOS 11 – Forbes

Sep 22, 2017 · Facebook Messenger appears to be crashing almost instantly for some iPhone owners. A mobile developer suspects the culprit may be an obscure «CryptoTokenKit» found in …

How to Fix iOS 11/iOS 11.1 Facebook Messenger Crashing

Actually the key is the Facebook Messenger itself. Because besides the iOS 11 users, people using iOS 10.3 devices also meet such problem. So if after the latest iOS 11.1 upgrade, your Messenger still keeps crashing. Try the tips in the post to fix the Facebook Messenger crashing issue. How to Recover Lost Data after iOS 11 Update

Why is Facebook Messenger crashing for some people and not

It is really hard to tell as it there are many explanations and they will vary from device to device (for instance, is you iOS updated or has it been recently?). Contact support and wait for a comming update. See if you can unde the app’s update,

[Solved] Facebook Messenger Keeps Crashing – fonepaw.com

Even though Facebook never ever has given an official explanation of this problem, a majority of users consider the incompatibility between Facebook Messenger and iOS or Android update is the main culprit for the crashing FB Messenger.

Facebook Messenger CRASHING – iPhone, Android Chat app

Facebook Messenger has been crashing all morning with thousands of users reporting that the not just popular phone chat app, but technically essential apps for Facebook users, currently unable to …

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Crashing on iOS 11/10/9/iPhone

How to Fix Messenger Crashing on iPhone and iPad 1. Reinstall Messenger. This is the best way to fix the crashing issue right now. Here’s what you need to do – Firstly, simply log out of Facebook. Remove the app from your iPhone or iPad; Reinstall it from the App Store. Login to Facebook. Login to Messenger.

iOS 7, Facebook Messenger app keeps crashing – Stack Exchange

I was using my Facebook messenger app, and it suddenly crashed. I tried to open it again, but it kept crashing either instantly or after 20 seconds or so. I’ve tried to turn it off and on, and del

An app that consistently crashes on launch is usually due to the device being out of memory (RAM, not system storage). There is a nice list of ways to cure that here.
The next likely cause is bad data triggering a bug. You can often delete the app and redownload it to clear bad data files.2
Try this:
Uninstall the app.
Then go to Settings > General > Reset.
Tap on Reset all Settings (not the Erase All Content and Settings).
After the reset is complete, re-install the app.
Start using the app again.1

Facebook Messenger CRASHING – thesun.co.uk

HUNDREDS of frustrated Facebook Messenger users are complaining that the app keeps crashing. The flood of crash reports seems to have started after the latest update, suggesting the two are linked.

New facebook and messenger app for windows 10 pc’s crash

Nov 16, 2018 · New facebook and messenger app for windows 10 pc’s crash on start up I had the old facebook app for windows 10 and it worked fine but today I heard facebook was releasing a a update to the app that made it designed for windows 10 and also they would be releasing a messaging app as well.