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The HTC U11 impressed us with its battery life, easily lasting a day and beyond between charges. It has a 3,000mAh battery in it, whereas the battery in the U11 Life is rated at 2,600mAh.

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HTC has announced two new U handsets at an event in Taipei. The two devices come in the form of the U11 Life and the U11 Plus, both following on from the U11 flagship that launched earlier this

HTC U11 vs HTC U11 life: what’s different, what’s similar?

The U11 life is not a carbon copy of the U11. It looks the same, sure, but it’s actually a smaller and lighter version, since the HTC U11 has a 5.5-inch display, while the life packs a more compact 5.2-incher.

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HTC U11 life’s design is a continuation of our liquid surface design philosophy. Inspired by the beauty and grace of glass, HTC U11 life incorporates an acrylic glass back surface that’s pleasing to the eye. The phone is crafted to impress using Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition.

HTC U11 Life vs. HTC U11: How different is HTC’s slimmed

Nov 06, 2017 · While the HTC U11 is a true flagship, boasting Qualcomm’s popular Snapdragon 835 processor inside, the U11 Life makes do with the mid-range Snapdragon 630 processor.

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