Urban Dictionary: killing pablo

Urban Dictionary: killing pablo

the act of masterbation. «Yo, Frenchy you wanna go get lifted at Goldstar Beach?» asks Jimbo. «Nah, suNN, I think Im gonna go home, kill Pablo and eat some spahgetti», replied Hal.

Urban Dictionary: killing the cat

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Urban Dictionary: Pablo

A really intelligent guy who doesn’t act like hes smart, but surprises you. He’s very sweet and doesn’t just think about himself. He loves spending his money on other people. If you date a Pablo you’ll know he’s a keeper. Hes going to be there for you no matter what happens, and he’ll be your shoulder to cry on. He has a great sense of humor and will have you smiling all night long.

Urban Dictionary: Killing Puppies

killing puppies unknown 1. to ask a dumb question that has already been answers several times prior . 2.user fails to read or search already existing threads related and answering their question. 3.

Urban Dictionary: killing me softly

the feeling you have when you are forced to endure something really unpleasant but avoiding that thing would actually be a lot worse

Urban Dictionary: Killing Season

Summer time. It is urban legend that the majority of senseless murders happen in the summer, due to the fact that hot temperatures put people in bad moods and patience shortens, therefore, people tend to overreact and go over the edge and commit murder.

What does Pablo mean in Urban Dictionary?

The master of Cocaine!! The person that has been accountable for 80% of cocaine delivered to regarding the U.S. in the early 70’s and 80’s. Some state he previously billions of …

Urban Dictionary: killing the game

killing the game unknown ( gerund ) Typically used to describe a practice or process that makes competing in a given industry unfair for other participants. Superior qualities/abilities are usually attributed with someone killing the game.

What does Petey Pablo mean in Urban Dictionary?

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The Pablo: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Quick definitions from WordNet (Pablo) Phrases that include pablo: picasso pablo, benito pablo juarez, benito pablo juárez, juárez benito pablo, killing pablo, more Words similar to pablo: picasso, more Search for pablo on Google or Wikipedia

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A guy you’ve been thirsting after for years. A lame dude who’s misleading and a straight-up asshole. Goat butter that’s popular is the southwest region of France. Using butter as lube during