Birgitte Rugaard Furevik: The potential for wave energy in the North Sea

Birgitte Rugaard Furevik: The potential for wave energy in

On Tuesday the 4th of April, Birgitte Rugaard Furevik held a presentation for the Bergen Energy Lab during a lunch seminar. She is a Senior Scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and her work areas include ocean wave modeling and forecasting. Birgitte gave a presentation on renewable wave energy in the North Sea.

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Birgitte Rugaard Furevik At the Horns Rev site in the North Sea, Denmark a 62 m tall meteorological mast is collecting meteorological data for offshore wind power prediction.

Birgitte Rugaard Furevik – Senior Scientist – The

Authors: Birgitte Rugaard Furevik, ; Hilde Haakenstad; A high-resolution hindcast of wind and waves for the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and the Barents Sea

Title: Senior Scientist, Norwegian …

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Wave power in the North Sea Birgitte Furevik with contributions from Ole Johan Aarnes UiB Energy Lab, GFI, Bergen Global energy potential •Theoretical wave potential 32.000 TWh/yr Birgitte Rugaard Furevik Created Date:

(PDF) Wave energy resource in the North Sea Introduction

Due to the high potential of wave energy and the goal to raise the share of renewable energy supply in the EU up till 20% in 2020, the development of wave energy is accelerated.

A high‐resolution hindcast of wind and waves for the North

H. Santo, P. H. Taylor and R. Gibson, Decadal variability of extreme wave height representing storm severity in the northeast Atlantic and North Sea since the foundation of the Royal Society, Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science, 472, 2193, (20160376), (2016).


EERA DeepWind’2018 15th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D

10.50 Nils Røkke, Chair, European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) 11.05 Panel debate, moderated by Prof Johan Hustad: the role of R&I to maximize the economic attractiveness of offshore wind.


The Potential for Wave Energy in the North Sea

the North Sea, where the annual electricity consumption is about 1,300TWh. Keywords: North Sea, offshore, scenario, synergy, wave energy, wind. 1. Introduction The global potential of wave energy is estimated to be between 8,000TWh and 80,000TWh [1] The potential of wave energy from the North Sea is

Near‐surface marine wind profiles from rawinsonde and

Birgitte Rugaard Furevik, Harald Schyberg, Gunnar Noer, Frank Tveter and Johannes Röhrs, ASAR and ASCAT in Polar Low Situations, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 32, 4, (783), (2015).

Wave Workshop Program

Observing and simulating the wave conditions in Sulafjord for the E39 project of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration: Birgitte Rugaard Furevik, Ole Johan Aarnes, Lasse Lønseth, Hálfdán Ágústsson, Øyvind Byrkjedal and Kjeller Vindteknikk: Presenter: Furevik

Wave Energy from the North Sea: Experiences from the

To date the research area holds one complete wave energy converter connected to a measuring station on shore via a sea cable, a Wave Rider™ buoy for wave measurements, 25 buoys for studies on environmental impact, and a surveillance tower.

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Ocean Wave Energy Resource Wave power varies considerably in different parts of the world. Areas of the world with abundant wave power resource include the western coasts of Scotland, northern Canada, southern Africa, Australia, and the northwestern coast of the United States, particularly Alaska.

Wave energy potential in the Baltic Sea and the Danish

A different approach for estimating annual wave energy potential was used for the North Sea. The wave condition was calculated in several points, including significant wave height, zero-crossing wave period, and the direction of the waves.


EERA DeepWind’2017 14th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D

14th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference, Trondheim, 18 – 20 January 2017 Thursday 19 January 17.00 Poster Session with refreshments Session A 1. Power quality studies of a Stand-Alone Wind Powered Water Injection System without Physical Inertia, A. Gaugstad, NTNU 2.