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May 08, 1998 · Watch video · Unless a comet can be destroyed before colliding with Earth, only those allowed into shelters will survive. Which people will survive?


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Starring: Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave, Morgan Freeman, Maximilian Schell

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Mimi Leder (The Peacemaker) directed this science-fiction disaster drama about the possible extinction of human life after a comet is discovered headed toward Earth with the collision only one


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Sep 30, 2013 · This spectacular image of comet Tempel 1 was taken 67 seconds after it obliterated Deep Impact’s impactor spacecraft. The image was taken … Watch Deep Impact | Prime Video

What would you do if you knew that in a handful of days an enormous comet would collide with Earth and all humanity could be annihilated? The countdown to doomsday is underway in this «gut-wrenching, eye-opening blast of a movie experience» (Jeff Craig, Sixty Second Preview).

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Deep Impact was a NASA space probe launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on January 12, 2005. It was designed to study the interior composition of the comet Tempel 1 (9P/Tempel), by releasing an impactor into the comet. At 05:52 UTC on July 4, 2005, the Impactor successfully collided with the comet’s nucleus.The impact excavated debris from the interior of the nucleus, forming an

Launch date: January 12, 2005, 18:47:08 UTC