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Jul 29, 2012 · What I (and everyone else) am looking for is simple macro list that includes, but is not limited to, doing the following: Swapping from Main hand +off hand to a 2H. I.e. staff, fishing pole etc and back. A one and/or two button macro for the aforementioned, for fishing. Automatically swapping from fishing pole to weapons when mounting.

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There are two ways to do a weapon swap macro. My preference is for the second, but it’s up to you. There are other variations of this macro, mostly due to preferences, conditions, and just what people are used to doing. Here’s my favorite weapon swapping macro. 1. Make macro, name macro…

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Feb 14, 2015 · It will also cast blade flurry, because the weapon swap and blade flurry are cast simultaneously. If you press it again, it’ll equipped slow/slow and cancel the blade flurry aura. Now if you wanted another macro to do killing spree with a slow/slow every time, you could use this.

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Sep 22, 2016 · need help with a weapon swap macro please Need to (if possible) go from the artifact (all 3 specs) to the fishing pole, and back. im sure this is possible with one weapon/artifact and the pole.. but i’d like to use the same macro regardless of what spec im in and i play all 3.

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Here are two more ways of swapping weapons, so you can benefit from the tactic of swapping to Instant Poison when your target has 5 doses of Deadly Poison on them. It’s also worth making a basic macro to swap your weapons back to your normal Wound/Deadly weapons, incase anything goes wrong in the middle of a fight.

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Rogue Macros Ambush / Backstab / Mutilate Macros Sinister Strike and Riposte Macros Weapon-Swap Macros Cold Blood Macros Premeditation Macros Hemorrhage and Ghostly Strike Macros Slice and Dice Macros Sap Macros ¡°I WANNA KILL!¡± MACROS Healing / Bandage / Food Macros Mount / Dismount Macros Other Useful Macros. WEAPON-SWAP MACROS: Lots of requests for Weapon …

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Hello! I’m playing a level 42 warrior on kronos 2 and I am looking for a weapon swap macro, since the ones I used on retail are not working. Is it possible to macro weapon swaps or do i need to bind each item like 2h «name» 1h «name» off h «name»?

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Apr 10, 2015 · 说明-Step 1 – Open character pane- Equip itemset- Save set-Step 2 – Type in Chat Box: /Macro-Step 3 – (Select Icon and Title Your Macro- A single press of the Space bar is recommended)

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I used two macros through TBC on my warrior. Should work in Vanilla, too. Marco 1: /equip Macro 2: /equip /equip Might need to press the button for macro 2 twice. I had it on mouse wheel, so np with that.

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Jun 26, 2013 · Combat weapon swap macro Rogue Swapping weapons resets the swing timer, which will offset any damage gains it might provide. Rfeann 110 Night Elf Rogue 14510 8774 posts Rfeann. Ignored. Jun 26, 2013 Copy URL. View Post.

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Feb 04, 2016 · I need a macro that can toggle between 1h/shield and 2h in the same macro using /equipset and not /equipslot. The reason I want this macro is because of the recent bug with weapons greying out after trying to switch weapons with an equipslot macro

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Apr 17, 2015 · On other servers I have been using /cast Defensive Stance /equip «Main Hand» /equip «Shield» And /cast Battle Stance /equip «2h» This has been working perfectly, on Nost it doesn’t but strangely there is the odd occasion when it does work.

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Equip Sequences that will work Putting either both ears or both rings on one macros button, using the /equip code, result in bad macros. In this case put ring1 and ear1 on one macro button and ring2 and ear2 on another. The shield/grip will often not equip if it is in the same macro with the Main weapon.

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Post by Agnir I use this macro to swap and works great. #showtooltip /equip Your Shield /equip Your One Hander /equip Your Two Hander The first click switches to shield and one hander and the second click returns to your two hander.

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Weapon Swap Using Equipment Manager Edit. NOTE: You’ll have to activate your the Equipment Manager first (Options > Interface > Features > [X] Use Equipment Manger), it will appear at the top right corner of your character frame. The next step is to create a set for each weapon you want to use in your macros.