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Preposition. We arrived shortly before six o’clock. He left just before sunrise. I’ve never seen her so happy before now. Call me before your arrival. She arrived the day before yesterday. Why haven’t you ever helped me before now? Your name is listed before mine. You’ll see my house just before the bank and after the school. The Great Plains stretched endlessly before them.

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Before definition, previous to; earlier or sooner than: Phone me before noon. See more.

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Come, before he comes to gibe us for having heeded a moment. He had discovered years before that he was sometimes able thus to puzzle her momentarily.

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Definition and Usage. The ::before selector inserts something before the content of each selected element(s). Use the content property to specify the content to insert.. Use the ::after selector to insert something after the content.

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You use before or in front of when you are talking about the order in which things appear in speech or writing. For example, if you are describing the spelling of the word ‘friend’, you can say that the letter ‘i’ comes before or in front of the letter ‘e’.. If you are giving someone directions, and you say that one place is a certain distance before another place, you mean that they will come

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before prep preposition: Relates noun or pronoun to another element of sentence–for example, «a picture of John,» «She walked from my house to yours.» (earlier than) antes de adv + prep : You should finish your homework before dinner. Debes terminar tus tareas antes de la cena.

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Before Before is a preposition, an adverb and a conjunction. Before means earlier than the time or event mentioned: …

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