Knut Hamsun: The Nazi novelist you should read

Knut Hamsun: The Nazi novelist you should read | Books

Isaac Bashevis Singer famously called Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun the father of modern literature. I’d take this further and say that he’s the father of postmodern literature as well.

“Hunger” (1890) by Knut Hamsun: A Pioneering Work of the

In my post on the novel Beauty is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan, I mentioned that the Indonesian writer decided to pick up the pen (professionally) after being influenced by a book called Hunger (1890) by the Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun (1859-1952).

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Can you really read a Knut Hamsun book and still think he would lie about something like that? The idea of the «Nazi Hamsun» is purely the product of nazi propaganda and also the reactionary fervor of Norwegians after the war.

Hamsun, the Nazi Nobel laureate –

The writer Knut Hamsun was received by the Nazi dictator, who was a fan. He shook the Fuhrer’s hand and two years later he would still praise Hitler as “a warrior for mankind”. Like the philosopher Heidegger in Germany and the poet Ezra Pound in the US, Hamsun was an intellectual tainted by World War II.

Does anyone else here think Knut Hamsun is the most

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Knut Hamsun: Nobel Laureate and Nazi Sympathizer

Knut Hamsun was a Norwegian novelist and poet who was honored with the 1920 Nobel Prize for Literature. He published over 20 novels, as well as short stories, plays, and a poetry collection. He published over 20 novels, as well as short stories, plays, and a poetry collection.

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He was a nazi, but he was still a literary genious. I also think it is a great book, both because I could relate to the main charachter as a sort of «what my ancestors did» and because the charachers and story are good. I have to read more Hamsun. We have his collected works, and I’ve only read two books.

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Norwegian novelist Knut Hamsun. Thanks to some gorgeous cinematography, Arvo Part’s stirring soundtrack and Max von Sydow’s brilliant performance as Hamsun, it …

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In Hamsun, the Swedish actor Max von Sydow plays Knut Hamsun; his wife, Marie, is played by the Danish actress Ghita Nørby. Bibliography Edit 1877 Den Gaadefulde.

Literary movement: Neo-romanticism, Neo-realism

Why Al Pacino Is Wrong To Reject a Nazi Sympathizer

Singer’s defense of Hamsun’s artistic significance, despite his support for the Nazis, should give us pause before we reject everything the Norwegian author ever wrote.