Urban Dictionary: kirk douglas

Urban Dictionary: kirk douglas

The unmistakable outline of a woman’s genitalia through tight jeans ir trousers, causing the material to dimple into her poonanny like the dimple on Mr Douglas chin!

Urban Dictionary: Kirk

A kirk will be the most amazing person you will ever meet.. a kirk knows how to pleasure a woman just right.. someone anyone would be lucky to marry a kirk is one of kind and if you ever meet one, you will be the luckiest person in the world.. it would be your joy to fall in love with a kirk..

Urban Dictionary: kirk-fu

The act of fighting like Captian Kirk in Star Trek.

Urban Dictionary: Kirk’d

Being a captain and giving a long passionate kiss to a beautiful woman, then after having her stare endlessly into you eyes, you give her a one hit K.O! Also known as «To Captain Kirk» someone. Just being so awesome that you punch a girl in the face after a great kiss and she actually still likes you!

Urban Dictionary: Kirk Cousins

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Urban Dictionary: I am spartacus

Refers to a scene in the movie «Spartacus» starring Kirk Douglas as Spartacus. After the army of former Roman slaves led by Spartacus is defeated in battle by legions of the Roman army, a Roman general stands before the captured surviving members of the slave army and demands that they turn over Spartacus, or else all of the former slaves will be executed.

Urban Dictionary: Kirk Complex

When a guitarist in a band (typically a heavy metal band) uses too much wah wah effect in their solos, as Kirk Hammett of Metallica does.

THE KIRK – Definition and synonyms of the Kirk in the

kirk urban dictionary 7. kirk rasheeda husband 8. dictionary the Kirk 9. mark kirk 10. the Kirk definition List of principal searches undertaken by users to access our English online dictionary and most widely used expressions with the word «the Kirk». FREQUENCY OF USE Kirk Douglas, 2001. 7

I AM SPARTACUS! | Know Your Meme

Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About The quote «I am Spartacus» is dervied from the 1960 movie «Spartacus» directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Kirk Douglas as the titular role.

What does I am spartacus mean in Urban Dictionary?

means a scene within the film «Spartacus» featuring Kirk Douglas as Spartacus. Following the army of former Roman slaves led by Spartacus is defeated in fight by legions regarding the Roman army, a Roman general stands before the grabbed surviving people in the slave army and needs that they start Spartacus, or else the previous slaves would be executed.