Stepwise detoxification from cocaine. A promising regimen.

Stepwise detoxification from cocaine. A promising regimen

Thus, medical detoxification using a stepwise approach and several different therapeutic agents is often needed to assist the patient in achieving a cocaine-free state.

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Bromocriptine, a drug that works on the brain’s dopamine system, has been used to decrease the craving for cocaine during detoxification and to reduce mood disturbance. Propanolol, a beta-blocker drug used to treat high blood pressure, may be useful for severe cocaine withdrawal symptoms, as it slows down the effects of adrenaline, thereby calming the body’s «fight or flight» response to stressful situations.

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Stepwise detoxification from cocaine. A promising regimen. Tennant F, Berman ML; The rapid eye test to detect drug abuse. Tennant F; Chronic opioid treatment of intractable, non-malignant pain.

Pulmonary complications from cocaine and cocaine-based

Cocaine is the illicit drug whose abuse most often results in cardiopulmonary symptoms and emergency treatment. Habitual smoking of alkaloidal cocaine («freebase,» «crack») has replaced nasal insufflation as the most common method of abuse.

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While cocaine detox may be completed on an outpatient basis, medical detox is recommended in some instances. For example, if a person has relapsed during past withdrawal attempts, the 24-hour supervision afforded by medical detox can prove invaluable.

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Professional detoxification can help to manage these symptoms and maintain safety. For best results, someone recovering from cocaine addiction should continue substance abuse treatment beyond detox to help ensure a drug-free lifestyle.

Treatment of polydrug-using opiate dependents during

Overall, the combination of Buprenorphine and Valproate seems to be a safe and promising method for treating multiple drug withdrawal symptoms. The results of this study suggest that the BPN/VPA combination is potentially a better detoxification treatment for polydrug withdrawal than the traditional treatment with Clonidine and Carbamazepine.

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Unfortunately, healthcare costs secondary to chronic cocaine use are likely to increase in the future as drug research into cocaine abuse and effective treatment programs are severely lacking. This article reviews existing literature on treatment of cocaine abuse and is intended to serve as a practical guide to the general clinician involved in drug management of cocaine abuse.

Quantitative urine testing. A new tool for diagnosing and

A new tool for diagnosing and treating cocaine use. Stepwise detoxification from cocaine. A promising regimen. medical detoxification using a stepwise approach and several different


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is a promising treatment drug for opiate addiction and may even be useful when that addiction is combined with occasional-to-frequent cocaine use. Buprenorphine appears to be as effective as methadone for detoxification of

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In Thorton, Colo., just 10 miles outside of Denver, Arapahoe House’s Stepwise program offers residential substance abuse and mental health treatment to adolescents ages 13 to 18. The length of treatment is flexible depending upon the needs of each client, however treatment typically lasts for 45 days. Detox is not offered on-site.