How can I send a large attachment?

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The email was never made for large file attachments. Many email servers won’t even accept emails with attachments over 10 MB in size. But that’s not bad news at all. Here’s the solution. To send large files via email, you’ll need to upload your email attachments to a file storage and sharing service.

How to Send Large Files Over Email

While attachment sizes haven’t kept up with the times, there are other easy ways to send someone large files over email. Even if you’re using a modern, online email client, message size is limited.

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A message with a large attachment will take a long time to upload and download and may block other operations while it is being handled. In general, it is best to minimize the size of your attachment(s).

How to Send Large Size Email Attachments in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook limits the size of attachments to 20mb (20480kb), this isn’t an issue if you’re sending a document or a picture, but if you’re sending a set of large high-res pictures, larger files, or even videos, this can become a major hindrance.

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However, despite the large amount of storage space you can use, email services won’t let you send large email attachments, which can be frustrating sometimes. Most email services will just let you attach a few MBs of files (25 MBs for Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail) along with your message.

How to Email Large Files as Gmail Attachments

There is a Gmail attachment size limit of 25 MB, so if you’ve ever tried to send a large file as a Gmail attachment, you know it can be difficult. Many Gmail users don’t understand how to handle large Gmail attachments, but there are ways to send them through Gmail.

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All Internet e-mail services have limits on how big an attachment can be when it is sent over e-mail. If you want to send a large attachment over e-mail (e.g., over 20 MB), you’ll need to use a different method of sharing it.

How to Send Large Attachments with Gmail and Yahoo Mail

To send large file attachments from Yahoo, you have to login yahoo and compose a new email. Click on the down arrow key near to the attachment (paperclip) button and select “Share” from Dropbox. Free Dropbox account is offering 2GB of spaceSelect your file and attach with the email, and you can send …

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Gmail won’t send large files. In fact, Gmail limits email attachment file sizes to only 25 megabytes (megs). Try to send any files larger than that and your email will be rejected outright.

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SendThisFile. SendThisFile lets you send files with no size limit via email for free (with limited …