Urban Dictionary: We Are The Champions

Urban Dictionary: We Are The Champions

We are the champions is the greatest song ever, and democracy preoved it #queen #freddie mercury #farookh bulsara #scene #we will rock you #music #rock #classic rock by …

Urban Dictionary: We Are Wiki

Slogan and movement created in support for journalist and whistle-blower, Julian Assange and his Wiki Leaks group; popularized by a campaign type poster created by artist Donald J. Lee. We Are Wiki posters have tagged and defaced many urban areas around the globe in support. ‘Wiki’ refers to an anonymous collective contributor.

Urban Dictionary: We are where we are

Commonly used in the business world, meaning «We are in the shit, but suck it up»

Urban Dictionary: We Will Rock You

released with We are the Champions on «News of the World», they were often played back to back on radio stations because they followed into each other so well. Queen pwns.

Urban Dictionary: City of Champions

Home of the 2009 Superbowl Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. And now, home of the 2009 Stanley Cup winners, the Pittsburgh Penguins. If you aren’t from Pittsburgh, you probably hate Pittsburgh sports.

What does we are the chumpy ones mean in Urban Dictionary?

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Urban Dictionary: Queen

Nevertheless, the public continued to buy Queen records. Featuring the Top Five double-A-sided single «We Are the Champions»/»We Will Rock You,» News of the World became a Top Ten hit in 1977.

What does We Will Rock You mean in Urban Dictionary?

It really is by Queen, 1977, maybe not ’78, you pedophile! released with Our company is the Champions on «News around the globe», these were frequently played back to back on radio stations because they observed into both so well.Queen pwns.

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The co-champions of the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee likely learned tens of thousands of words from the dictionary to compete in and win the Bee this year. But do those skills transfer to

Fantasy Football Urban Dictionary – The Athletic

Fantasy Football Urban Dictionary I shared examples for many of these terms to help explain them better. Please feel free to add your own at the bottom – or rename some of the ones I listed!

What does City of Champions mean in Urban Dictionary?

Now, residence associated with 2009 Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins. If you aren’t from Pittsburgh, you most likely hate Pittsburgh activities. If you’re, you might be a die tough fan.

What does Queen mean in Urban Dictionary?

November 9, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page everything that a band should wish to. amazing vocals, breathtaking words (who would like to live-forever) and close friends. i …

Spelling bee co-champions tackle words from Urban Dictionary

Jun 03, 2014 · We offer a 1-Hour Ad Free time pass, Spelling bee co-champions tackle words from Urban Dictionary the two were named co-champions, the first to share the title in 52 years.

What does third platoon mean in Urban Dictionary?

We piss excellence. A number of our achievments tend to be, spinkickabortion.com, Saber challenge all time champions, 4 men in the platoon are making their lady’s get an abortion, and now we have a clinically retarded user.