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If you need more help softmodding your Wii, please visit one of the many forums dedicated to the subject. For example: GBAtemp . Due to lack of time, we do not currently offer support ourselves.

Softmod Any Wii (Version 1.0 – 4.3): 5 Steps

This softmod/hack works for any wii! Old Wii’s, New Wii’s, VIrgin Wii’s, Korean Wii’s, Japanese WIi’s, Softmodded Wii’s, Hardmodded Wii’s etc Password = NOT-A-PIRATE (This is the password for any downloaded files) Softmoding can brick your wii, this is very highly unlikely.

How to SoftMod a Wii and play backup Wii, Gamecube and

Nov 02, 2018 · (If you new to Softmod a Wii this will give you a 100% safe guide from start-to-finish to play Wii Games, Gamecube Games and Wiiware/Virtual Console games from an USB-drive. Im not kidding. In this guide we only use official files to minimize any risks apart from Step 4 .

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Guide to Safely UPDATE your SOFTMOD!! **Fixes most Mar 30, 2018
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How to Easily Jailbreak Your Old Nintendo Wii – groovyPost

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Wii Softmod Tutorial – All you need, Simple to do! – YouTube

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Aug 04, 2013 · If you are thinking of partaking in this softmod, please be advised that we are only showing you what is possible. We do not suggest following any of the steps in this video yourself and cannot be

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Learn to softmod with r/wii’s modding guide Disclaimer: The moderators at r/wii do not condone/promote piracy. Asking for help finding or using pirated material will not be tolerated.

Top responsesRedditPosted in this thread a couple of days ago: http://www.reddit.com/r/wii/comments/14brrm/new_owner_with_a_couple_of_questions/c7bp7gw?context=3 I re-modded my first Wii yesterday using that same site/guide to bring … read more2 votesI softmodded my 4.3U Wii without any problems a few weeks ago. It took a little time, but I had no problems. This is the guide I followed: … read more2 votesSee all

How to Softmod Your Wii (4.3) U/E/K/J: 4 Steps

You’ll need your Wii’s MAC address to softmod your Wii. First, make sure that you’re on the Wii Menu. If you’re not, exit whatever you’re using. Then, enter your Wii System Settings. Scroll to page 2 and select the Internet button. Then select «Console Information». This will display your MAC address. Write down your MAC address, you’ll need it later on.

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A softmod is a method of using software to modify the intended behaviour of hardware, such as video cards, sound cards, or game consoles in a way that can overcome restrictions of …

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New to Wii Modding? Start with this link. The Complete Softmod Guide provided by /u/mobclutch. BOTCHED MOD? Have you botched the modding process? To answer a common question on botched installs; NO you do not have to undo anything. As long as your Wii is still (mostly) functional, find some help, start the modding process over.

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Letterbomb – Complete Softmod Guide – Google

Unlock/Softmod/Hack your Wii for Free! Letterbomb is the latest Wii exploit and is currently the only to way to hack a Wii on System Menu 4.3 without using a game. It’s likely that it will not be ported to any lower System Menus since Bannerbomb is available for those.

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