‘Doom’ Multiplayer Update Rebalances Combat Shotgun, Plasma Rifle

‘Doom’ Multiplayer Update Rebalances Combat Shotgun

Listening to the feedback from the gaming community, the latest Doom update made changes for weapon balance, specifically for the Combat Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Chain Gun and Plasma Rifle. Explaining the rebalancing made for the Combat Shotgun and Super Shotgun, the game’s multiplayer …

Here’s how DOOM’s multiplayer weapons changed in the

DOOM updated this week but Id Software had to be coaxed to tell anybody how. A DOOM update rolled out today, rebalancing a number of weapons in multiplayer modes. Amusingly, while Id Software did

Doom multiplayer update is now live, rebalances weapons

Doom multiplayer update is now live, rebalances weapons this new update rebalances the effectiveness of the Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, and Combat Shotgun in multiplayer…

Doom: PLASMA RIFLE Guide | Doom Multiplayer Weapons 2016

Jun 18, 2016 · All Main Weapons in Doom Multiplayer Include: Burst Rifle, Chaingun, Combat Shotgun, Heavy Assault Rifle, Hellshot, Lightning Gun, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Static Rifle, Super shotgun

Assault Rifle vs. Plasma Gun :: DOOM General Discussions

The plasma gun is very much a defensive weapon due to heat blast being an AOE attack around Doomguy that knocks enemies back and stun bomb being able to leave enemies immoble while the heavy assault rifle is excellent for accurate shots and its micro missiles is fantastic for crowd control as they are great at staggering enemies with decent

MP Update Weapon Changes : Doom – reddit

Doom (2016) MP Update Weapon Changes submitted 2 years ago * by MarineRevenge Moon Marooned Combat Shotgun and Super Shotgun We slightly reduced effective range for both the Combat Shotgun and the Super Shotgun, so players will need to be closer to …

Doom update changes popular multiplayer weapons – EGMNOW

Doom‘s multiplayer has seen a significant update that will even out much of the game’s lethal arsenal. A total of five weapons are being rebalanced in the patch, the specifics of which are detailed in an official post on publisher Bethesda Softworks’ forum.

Best weapons in multiplayer? :: DOOM General Discussions

Combat shotgun + Vortex/Static rifle and tesla/siphon grenades. combat shotgun is basically a rocket launcher with its grenade mod and its tight spread makes mid range damage also not bad and Vortex/Static is more of a scope/no scope high damage long range.

DOOM Weapons Guide – Weapons Mods, Mod Upgrades, Mastery

There are plenty of DOOM weapons found throughout the game. These weapon range from classic ones such as Super Shotgun and Chaingun to newer ones like Gauss Cannon and Assault Rifle…

Plasma gun – The Doom Wiki at DoomWiki.org – Doom, Heretic

The plasma gun (also known as the plasma rifle in the game manuals, help screen and code comments) is a futuristic weapon with a segmented barrel, which fires blue and white bursts of plasma. It shares the player’s stock of energy cells with the BFG9000 as a source of ammo.

Combat shotgun – The Doom Wiki at DoomWiki.org – Doom

The DS-117 combat shotgun is a weapon in the 2016 Doom game. Forged from a quality titanium-steel alloy, its qualities include high reliability, a fast rate of fire, and high-velocity, high-impact shot.[1] Like most of the weapons in this incarnation of Doom, the combat shotgun can be modified and upgraded with attachments which impart special capabilities beyond the base weapon’s attack

Doom – Deathmatch – YouTube

Jan 15, 2017 · Loadout: Combat Shotgun, Burst Rifle, and Tesla Rocket.

DOOM Multiplayer Update Reduces Shotgun Range, Balances

DOOM’s multiplayer is now being handled by id Software and a new update arrived for its weapons. Here’s the thing though – no specific information was provided when the update went live.