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Medieval swords owe their designs to the Chinese, the progenitor of swords. Long swords were used by the Franks and Celts. With the coming of the Vikings, they …

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This is a list of types of swords. The term sword used here is a narrow definition. This is not a general list of bladed weapons and does not include the machete or similar «sword-like» weapons.

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In use since ancient times, a sword is a long, edged piece of forged metal consisting of a blade, a hilt, and a crossguard, used for striking, cutting, and thrusting. Right from the 30-inch broadsword measuring up to 72-inch great swords, there are different types of swords. Navigate through the lines herein to learn about some of them.

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There are so many different types of Swords that it can be difficult to conclusively classify them into neat groups and categories. One respected sword scholar, Colonel D.H. Gordon, a British army officer trained in sabre and bayonet fencing pre-WWI suggested that weapons less than 14″ long should be classified as daggers, 14-20″ long as dirks, those 20-28″ as short swords and anything over that length as …

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The different types of swords ranged from the smallest Broadsword measuring from 30 inches to the Great swords which measured up to 72 inches. The weight of Medieval swords are usually presumed to be a lot heavier than they actually were.

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The English language terminology used in the classification of swords is imprecise and has varied widely over time. There is no historical dictionary for the universal names, classification or terminology of swords; a sword was simply called «sword» in whatever language the swordsmen spoke.

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Sword Types: Giving a short list of sword types seems to be easy. Well – it isn’t. For one thing, it will never end because every culture / civilization or language group had and has plenty of sword types and words for them, most of them unknown outside that culture / civilization or language group, thank God.

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Jun 02, 2016 · This is about some of the basics of why blades are shaped in different ways, and some remarks about the cutting performance of particular blade profiles and cross-sections.

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